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Bao Xishun...and my older brother

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Who is taller Chris Brown or Chianna?

Rhianna Rhianna

Is Cassie older than Chris Brown?

Yes Cassie is older than Chris Brown. She is 3 years older than Chris Brown.

Is Lady Gaga older than Chris Brown?

Yes, Lady Gaga is older than Chris Brown. Lady Gaga is older than Chris Brown by 3 years.

Is Trey Songz sexier than Chris Brown?

Chris brown is hotter than trey songz Chris is so sexier

Is Rihanna older than Chris Brown?

Rihanna is older than Chris Brown by 1 year.

Is Chris Brown cuter than drake?

Chris brown look 50x better than drake!!!!!!!

Is TI richer than Chris Brown?

No, Chris Brown has more money :)

Is Chris Brown hotter than zac efron?

chris brown is the HOTTEST man alive Chris Brown is HOTTER than any man that has walked the earth.

Who is the best Rapper between Chris Brown and Drake?

drake obviously. chris brown is more of a singer than drake and drake is more of a rapper than chris brown

How many cd's do Chris Brown have?

Chris brown have more than you can count number of cds!

Who is older Chris Brown or Rihanna?

Rihanna is older than Chris Brown by 1 year.

Is Bow Wow older than Chris Brown?

Bow Wow is older than Chris Brown. Bow Wow turns 22 in March and Chris Brown turns 20 in May of this year.

Is Shannon Brown older than Chris Brown?


Who is more hansome Chris Brown of TI?

i think chris brown is waaaaayyy hotter than t.i.

Is Romeo richer than Chris Brown?

of cousre not. Romeo's dad has aalot of money tho but romeo is not richer than chris brown

Is enrique iglesias hotter than Chris Brown?

Enrique iglesias is way hotter on the majority. Enrique is famouser than Chris brown..

How tall was molly brown?

taller than a centimeter, shorter than 100 feet.

Who is worth more Chris Brown or Rihanna?

rihanna most people like her more than chris brown

Is usher cuter than Chris Brown?

Of course it's Chris Brown, Usher isn't ugly...But no offense to Chris, Usher is more descent.

Who is more famous Brad Pitt or Chris Brown?

Brad Pitt is way more famous in the world than Chris Brown.

Who is taller Shaquille O'Neal or chris bosh?

shaq is taller

Who's the best dancer in the world. Chris Brown or jaden smith?

actully jaden smith and chris brown they are good dancers but i think that jaden smith is 10 inches better than chris brown chris brown gay

Chris Brown didn't broke up with Rihanna?

No, and people say that Chris Brown is more into Rihanna than Rihanna is into him.

Do Rihanna make more money than Chris Brown?

Yes, Rihanna makes more money because,she has more albums than Chris Brown

Is Chris Brown richer than Justin Bieber?

No, Justin Bieber is richer than Chris Brown. Justin Bieber is the 3rd most powerful entertainer.