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Who is teddy hart?


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smackdown general manager

(9/19/09) he is one of the many wrestlers in the Hart clan.


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Teddy Hart was born on February 2, 1980.

Teddy Hart is 31 years old (birthdate: February 2, 1980).

Teddy Hart died on February 17, 1971, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Teddy Hart was born on February 2, 1980.

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right now there are 3 Natalya Neidnhart, Teddy hart and DH smith (david Hart)

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Bret and Owen Hart are just two members of the large Hart family, and they are two of eight brothers in total. In order of birth, they are: Smith Hart, 1949 Bruce Hart, 1951 Keith Hart, 1952 Wayne Hart, 1953 Dean Hart, 1954 Bret Hart, 1957 Ross Hart, 1961 Owen Hart, 1965

Yes, i think he will. Bret Hart has four children, two boys and two girls. Neither of the two girls are interested in wrestling at all. His younger son Blade has no interest in becoming a wrestler and has decided instead to concentrate on becoming a goalie in hockey. His elder son Dallas did try out to be a wrestler. He attended some training sessions by Harry Smith and TJ Wilson but he decided that wrestling was not what he wanted to do. Therefore, this means that none of Harts children wish to continue the family legacy. However, that being said, there are other Hart grandchildren who do, and are continuing the family name ANSWER There are over forty Hart grandchildren, so if his children choose not to, then there are definitely others to wrestle if they want to. no actually nattie niedhart and dh smith and teddy hart are wrestling nattie is on smackdown , dh smith is on smackdown but i haven't seen him wrestle yet because he was drafted to smackdown and teddy hart is whatever for wreslting right now so yes some of the hart grandchildren are wrestling

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T.J Wilson. He is not related to the hart famiy but he was close to Owen hart and Brett hart. And Owen hart and Brett hart are brothers.

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