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The 18th President of the United States was Ulysses S. Grant from March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1877
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What is a president?

In the United States, the president is someone who runs thiscountry. He (and in the United States, so far, presidents have allbeen male) is the leader of the political party in power, sets theagenda for that party, and makes the major decisions regardingAmerican foreign and domestic priorities. He i ( Full Answer )

Who is the president?

This depends on the country/organization. See related questions. In the United States, Donald John Trump was sworn in as the45th President on January 20, 2017.

What can you do when you turn 18?

1: You can vote for presidential elections.. 2: You can buy guns (handguns when you turn 21).. 3: You can live on your own.

What does the president do?

The president is Chief Executive and chooses governmentofficials with approval by the Senate. . He or she is Chief Legislator and can veto bills in Congress oruse influence to get them passed. . She or he is Chief Diplomat and determines foreign policy. . The president is Commander-in-Chief of th ( Full Answer )

What does a president do?

The President of the United States is considered an important position who is an avid follower of this year's presidential campaign. "While Congress puts most powers in check, this is what a democracy is: a system of checks and balances. We would not want a person in total control." According to t ( Full Answer )

Who will be the president?

McCain!McCain was a pilot in the Vietnam war,he was tortured by the Vietnamese for 3 years!JUST VOTE FOR JOHN McCAIN!!!

What can the president do?

A president of the United States can do anything within the power of the executive branch. He is not contained by any laws of the US, and the only way he can ever be brought to terms with his offenses is if he's been impeached (or official charges brought against). The power of the President is con ( Full Answer )

The presidency is the what?

it is to have the roll of President and the President is the person who leads cerntain counties

What is 18 of 8.00?

I assume you are asking what is 18 percent of 8.00. If so, multiply 8.00 by .18 to find the answer. (8.00 x .18 = 1.44)

Why do you have presidents?

Someone has to run the nation. The president is the person of the people. Without the president, who is going to think through all of the bills passed by congress? No one. Without the president, the country would be in turmoil because without a leader, the people are nothing.

Can you be the president?

I cannot be the president because I dont have enough money but i wish i could however i would be happy to write policy behind the scenes. i have some good ideas

Can an 18 year old vote for president?

Yes, an 18 year old US citizen has the constitutional right to vote. But the 18 year old must remember to register to vote.

What is president?

A president is the leader of a nation of people. Presidents areleaders of people who are ruled under a democracy.

What will he do as president?

My Friend Hannah Looked This Up Too And She Found Something That Said He Would Change The Natinal Anthem.. P.S. I Hate John McCain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the president and why?

Barack H. Obama is our 44th president because he won the election against John McCain.

When can you be president?

You can be president when there is an election. you should be maybe in your thirtys before you run.

What is 18 plus 18?

Eighteen could be broken down to 10 and 8 So, if you are adding 18+18 then you could convert it into 10+10+8+8 20+16= 36 18 + 18= 36

What is Presider?

Presider is a rather recent term that has come into use to replace the older term celebrant. The word celebrant came into use after the Second Vatican Council because the Holy Father at that time allowed concelebration (more than one priest and/or bishop to celebrate the same Mass together at the sa ( Full Answer )

What do you do as the president?

Presidents share all their powers with other branches of government. Presidents can achieve their policy goals only by winning the support of other political actors. When the institution has grown in terms of the number of people it employs, in terms of the range of policy problems for which presi ( Full Answer )

Who is the president and what does he do?

Barack Obama is the Pres. of the U.S. His duties include signing and vetoing bills, proposing laws to congress, and building good relations with other world leaders. He is also the commander in chief of the United States Military forces.

What does he do as president?

take care of people pays bills sends bills cure his country from a decease THANK YOU

Why did they have presidents?

They needed someone to handle the country that we can vote for. The majority of votes for each candidate had to be picked upon which candidate has the most votes.

Are you in college when your 18?

Most people in America either begin college when they are 18 or 19 depending on there birthday, though some choose to postpone there college education and start older then 18 or 19.

Why do you have to have presidents?

You don't. However countries will always have some form of leader, king, emperor, prime minister, dictator, fuhrer, chief minister etc. In the United States we have to have a president because that is the form of our government. In a republic it has become the norm to call the leader the presiden ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to be 18?

Because that's a part of life. You Have to be 18 so u can vote, drive, etc.

What is 18 quarters and 18 dimes?

Too much to carry in your pocket comfortably. Exchange the 18 quarters and 15 of the dimes for six dollar bills. $6.30

Which first lady was originally married at 18 and became a widow with two infants by 26 and married a future US president at 28?

Dolley Madison almost fits this description - she was a widow ofage 26 who had married at 18 when she married James Madison, butshe had only one young son. Sorry J.P. Helm, but your answer is incorrect for this question.Martha Dandridge was 18 years old when she wed Daniel Parke Custisin 1749. Alt ( Full Answer )

Why is the gcf of 18 and 36 18?

Because it's the largest number that can go into both of those numbers evenly with no remainder.

Can you president?

If you are asking if you (or anyone) can become president, the answer is yes-- but there are several rules that are in the Constitution, and they apply only to the president: he (or she) must be American-born, and at least 35 years old. If you were not born in the United States, you may still be a g ( Full Answer )

Who is this president?

This President is AMERICA it's self .. AMERICA FREK YEAH! Happy 4th of July ~Dah Boss

What are the 18 times tables up to 18 x 18?

18*1=18 18*2=36 18*3=54 18*4=72 18*5=90 18*6=108 18*7=126 18*8=144 18*9=162 18*10=180 18*11=198 18*12=210 18*13=228 18*14=246 18*15=270 18*16=288 18*17=306 18*18=324

Where is the president from?

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961. Other than living briefly (four years) in Indonesia with his mom and step-dad, he mainly lived in Hawaii until college. He attended college in Los Angeles and New York, graduating in 1983. He found work in Chicago, Illinois, and that is where he mad ( Full Answer )