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Q: Who is the 3rd president of the Philippines?
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How old did Jose p laurel became president?

He is 52 yrs. old when he became 3rd President of the Philippines.

Who is he first President of the 3rd Republic of the Philippines?

manuel roxas as president elpidio quirino as vice president in July 4 1946

Who was the President of the Philippines in 1949?

10th President of the Philippines6th President of the 3rd Republic1st President of the 4th RepublicIn officeDecember 30, 1965 - February 25, 1986

Does the Philippines have a president?

Yes, The Philippines is a republic with a president and a vice-president.

Who was the first female president of the Philippines?

Corazon Aquino was the first female president of the Philippines. She was president of the Philippines from 1986-1992. She also was the first female president of Asia. == ==

How much is the salary of the president and vice president of the Philippines as of 2008?

60,000 a monthly salary of the President in the Philippines,

Who is the president in the Philippines this year?

President of the Philippines- Pres. Benigno Simeon Aquino III

Is it noynoy Aquino the new elected president in Philippines?

Yes.He is the new president of the Philippines.

Who was the 14th president of the philippines?

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was the 14th President of the Philippines, serving from January 20, 2001 to June 30, 2010.

Who was the President of the Philippines in 1910?

In 1910 no one had the title "President of the Philippines." At that time the Philippines was a possession of the USA and was governed by an appointee of the US President. You might stretch a point and say that the President of the US was the President of the Philippines, although no one thought in those terms then. In 1910 the President of the US was William Howard Taft.

Who is the vice president in the Philippines?

the vice-president of the Philippines is no other than : Mr. Jejomar Binay..

Who is the fith president of the Philippines?

The fifth president of the Republic of the Philippines was Manuel Roxas y Acuña.