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The 2008 Ryder Cup Captain is Paul Azinger.

For a full list of Ryder Cup Captains go here. For more stats on the Ryder Cup

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Who was the American Captain of the first Ryder Cup?

Walter Hagen was the American Captain in 1927, Ted Ray Captained the GB Team. For a full list of Ryder Cup Captains go here. For more stats on the Ryder Cup

Who was the American ryder cup captain in 2008?

Paul Azinger.

Who was the captain of the 1999 US Ryder Cup team?

Ben Crenshaw.

In what year did Sam Torrance captain Europe's ryder cup team?

He captained the team in 2002.

Who will captain Europe at the 2014 Ryder Cup?

Ireland's Paul McGinley will captain Europe in the 2014 Ryder Cup.

Who is the captain of the 2010 Ryder cup team?

Colin Montgomerie, Europe and Corey Pavin, USA.

Who is the 2011 European Ryder Cup captain?

There was no Ryder Cup in 2011, as it is held only every 2 years.

Which sport a player would win Ryder cup?

It is a golf tournament between the American team and English team.

How many team's in the ryder cup?

In the Ryder cup there are only two teams, American and European.

Who is the European Ryder Cup captain for 2008?

Nick Faldo

Who was the US Ryder Cup captain in 2004?

Hal Sutton.

Ryder cup captain Europe in 2008?

It was Nick Faldo.

Who was US Ryder cup captain in 2014?

It was Tom Watson.

How is the Ryder Cup captain picked?

There are many factors but the captain has to have a good reputation among fellow golfers and preferably be a former PGA Champion. I'm sure there are other factors at stake as well. The 2010 team USA captain is Corey Pavin and team Europe captain is Colin Montgomerie. Both are very experienced golfers and near the same age (50). Corey has 27 professional wins and Colin has 40 wins. My preview of the 2010 Ryder Cup is here

Who was the first captain for great Britain in the ryder cup?

Ted Ray.

Who is European ryder cup captain?

Paul McGinley for the 2014 competition

When was the ryder cup donated?

Samuel ryder donated the cup 1927. it was in 1985 when the European team won it the first time.

Was Tiger Woods ever a captain for the ryder cup?

No, Tiger Woods has never captained the US team. He won't until he's about 50 if he ever does.

When was bernhardt langer ryder cup captain?

He captained Europe to Victory in 2004.

How many Americans on ryder cup team?

They are all Americans only in the team.

Who were the innaugural ryder cup team captains?

The first Ryder cup was played in 1927 at Worchester Country Club, Worcester, Massachusetts. The matches were between the United States and Great Britain. The US captain was Walter Hegan, the GB captain was Ted Ray. The US won 9 1/2- 2 1/2.

Which country doesn't take part in the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is played between the USA and representatives from countries in Europe playing together as a team. So most countries in the world do not take part in the Ryder Cup.

Who was the captain of the Australian World cup team in 1974?

Peter Wilson was the captain of the Australian World Cup team in 1974.

Did Sam Torrance play a match in the Ryder cup while he was captain?

He captained the victorious 2002 side, but he did not play a match as captain.

Who was Ryder cup captain six times?

Walter Hegan has captained USA six times.

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