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Who is the Buitoni commercial muse?


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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

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The Muses, who were: Calliope - the muse of epic poetry Clio - history muse Erato - love poetry Euterpe - muse of music Melpomene - muse of tragedy Polyhymnia - sacred poetry muse Terpsichore - muse of dance Thalia - muse of comedy Urania - astronomy muse

They are the nine muses in Greek mythology: Erato muse of lyrics, Euterpe muse of music, Thalia muse of comedy, Melpomene muse of tragedy , Terpsichore muse of dance, Urania muse of astronomy, Clio muse of history , Polyhymnia muse of hymns, and Calliope muse of epics. There u go hope it wuz helpful!! :)

He was an artist and she was his muse. She utilized their troubled relationship as a muse for her poetry.

"the time is now" by moloko no the first answer is wrong the songs name is ( feeling good ) by ( the muse )

IF it is the newest one, which has just music and no words. A guy playing an electric guitar. its Muse - Madness

The muses are like the greek story tellers their are nine muses Erato muse of lyrics, Euterpe muse of music, Thalia muse of comedy Meldomene muse of tragedy Terpsichore muse of dance Urania muse or astronomy Clio muse of history Polyhymnia muse of hymns calliode muse of epics these are the gods of the arts If you want to know anything about the Greeks contact me at

Yes, anything can be a Muse.

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Erato is the muse of love,erotic poetry. Euterpe is the muse of lyric poetry

Euterpe is the Muse of song, and Polyhymnia is the Muse of hymns. There is no Muse whose domain is specifically mime, but Terpsichore is the Muse of dance. Mime would be a part of the domain of dance.

The muses were daughters of Zeus, but they were not considered goddesses. Their mother was Mnemnosyne, the personification of memory. They ruled over the arts and sciences. Their names are:Calliope: the muse of epic poetryUrania: the muse of astronomyThalia: the muse of comedyErato: the muse of love poetryClio: the muse of historyEuterpe: the muse of musicMelpomene: the muse of tradgedyTerpsichore: the muse of dancePolyhymnia: the muse of sacred poetry

Calliope - Muse Queen and of Epic or Heroic Poetry Clio - Muse of History Erato - Muse of love and erotic poetry and of marrige songs Euterpe - Muse of music and lyric poetry Melpomene - Muse of tragic poerty and tragedy Polyhymnia or Polymnia - Muse of sacred songs, lyrics and singing Terpsichore - Muse of choral music and dance Thalia - Muse of comedy Urania - Muse of astronemy

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