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Who is the Malayan tapirs enemies?


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Crocodiles leopards and ants

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there are 21472 Malayan Tapirs left in the world according to the IUCN website

Yes, tapirs are mammals.The tapir is definitely a mammal.

Malaysia and at zoos around the world

Tapirs are cute and are part of the world, if your Friend is going to die, you will definitely help them , we should help save the tapirs

Two. The Malayan and South American.

The four types of tapirs are.... 1.) The Malayan Tapir 2.) The Baird's Tapir 3.) The Mountain Tapir and 4.) The Brazilian Tapir The most common type of Tapir is the Malayan Tapir!

These animals are all species of tapirs that are related to the Malayan Tapir:Mountain TapirBaird's TapirSouth American Tapir

Jaguars, Crocodiles, Anaconda

Jaguars, Crocodiles, Anaconda

yes, the Maylayan Tapir is now endangered because of habitat loss. :(

Tapirs are large ungulate mammals, so their activities are confined to the forest floor.

A Malayan Tapirs' diet mainly consists of forest litter, small branches and twigs, forest berries, forest floor mosses, grass and some leaves. u r wrong

a tapir looks like a pig but it's not related to pigs ,it's related to rhinos & elephants. it has a slightly longer & more flexible snout then a pig,there different kinds of tapirs(malayan tapirs are black with a white rib cage area.)(brazilian tapirs are gray & have a kind of mane like a horse.)(biards tapirs are black.)there are more kinds of tapirs but i don't know much about them i hope someone wil put more information about them here.

Malayan Tapirs live in the areas of Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and Sumatra. They usually stay near streams and swamps of the rainforest. This species of tapirs has a black and white body. They are the closest relatives of the horses, and rhinoceroses. Malayan Tapirs have a snout that looks like a short elephant trunk. The trunk is used to smell and push food into the mouth. They are really shy. When they sense danger, the tapir quickly run away to find safety. The tapirs usually live alone or in pair. Measuring from ground up to shoulder, the tapirs are about 34 - 42 inches (86.4 - 108.7cm) tall. They weigh between 550 - 660 pounds (249.5 - 299.4kg). The average life span is 30 years. Females can produce every 18 months an infant. The average gestation period is between 390 - 395 days. Since they live in the forest and around streams, the Malayan Tapirs eat grass, aquatic vegetation, leaves, buds, and twigs. They also like fruits of low standing shrubs. Now the Malayan Tapirs are endangered because of the loss of habitat. People cut down forests for timber and agricultural use. Thus the tapirs have no place to hide when poachers pursuit them. The local people also hunt them down for leather and meat. Fortunately, government of Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia passed laws to ban people from hurting these creatures. The only thing now is to enforce these laws.yes

Because of their size, tapirs have few natural predators, and even reports of killings by tigers are scarce. The main threat to the Malayan tapirs is human activity, including deforestation for agricultural purposes, flooding caused by the damming of rivers for hydroelectric projects, and illegal trade. In Thailand, for instance, capture and sale of a young tapir may be worth US$5500.00. what? go on nick.com :)

Reticulated pythons and saltwater crocodiles occasionally prey on sun bears.

There are pandas, black leopards, muntjacs, flying foxes, Malayan tapirs, fishing cats, Indian one-horned rhinoceri, sarus cranes, Asian elephants, white-cheeked gibbons, and binturongs.

The two Tapir species, (Malayan and Brazilian) are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN's (International Union for Conservation of Nature) redlist. This is because of lost or fragmented habitat, they are hunted for their meat, and they have to compete with livestock for food.

Tapirs are threatened, but not extinct.

a tapirs diet contains fruit

Tapirs do not hibernate. Tapirs are herbivores and live mostly in the lowlands and moist forests. They are an endangered species.

Malayan porcupine was created in 1758.

Malayan tapir was created in 1819.

Malayan dollar ended in 1953.

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