Who is the President of Latvia?

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Andris Bērziņš is the President of Latvia. He became the 8th President of Latvia on 2011 July 8. Bērziņš is formerly a business man, having worked for several joint-stock companies, as well as the Privatization Fund of the Bank of Latvia.
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Where is Latvia?

Looking for Latvia . According to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, Latvia is a "country in northeastern Europe, along the shores of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga." For a map that'll give you a visual explanation of the above, see the Related Link. And to read more about Latvia on Ans ( Full Answer )

Which cities are in Latvia?

There are 77 cities in Latvia.. The major cities are Riga (the capital), Ventspils, Liepaja, Jekabpils, Daugavpils, Valmiera and Cesis.

Where is Latvia located?

Eastern Europe. Republic of Latvia is a North European Baltic country in the European Union. It is bordered to the north by Estonia (343 km), to the south by Lithuania (588 km), and to the east both by Belarus (141 km) and the Russian Federation (276 km). The territory of Latvia covers 64,589 km ( Full Answer )

Is Latvia poor?

Poor is a relative term. There are poorer coutnreis, but also many which are better off.. Due to fiscal mismanagement in previous years, Latvia has been hit harder than many countries by the global economic downturn and has had, this year, to turn to international lenders for support.

What is the population of Latvia?

About 2,260,000. Latvia survives really strong decrease in population. At the end of 90s population of Latvia was about 2.7 millions. Due to strong decrease, population of Latvia is ~2.230.000 [2010] EDIT: As of 2008, the population of Latvia is 2,266,094 according to Google Public Data. 2 2 ( Full Answer )

When was Latvia founded?

Latvia was first declared a sovereign state, the Republic of Latvia, on November 18 1918. From 1940 through to the end of World War II, Latvia was occupied first by forces of the Soviet Union, then Nazi Germany and, at the end of the war, was again under Soviet occupation. The second Soviet occupati ( Full Answer )

How big is Latvia?

Latvia has a total area of 64,589 square kilometers or 24,938 square miles. It is the world's 124 th largest country by area. Its estimated population in 2010 was 2,217,969 people.

What is the birthrate for Latvia?

In 2007 there were 23,273 registered births but, with 33,042 deaths, negative population growth even before taking into account migration and other factors.

Government of Latvia?

Parliamentary democracy from 1991 Prime-minister - Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) Coalition ie created by two right-wing parties: Unity and Union of Greens & Farmers

Currency in Latvia?

Latvia's currency is that Lat in paper money or santims in coins. Or in Latvian, Lati or santimi.

What is the GDP of Latvia?

\n. \n. \n34 282 376,18 US dollars ar 15 061,50 dollars per person (2007 International Monetary Fund)

What are facts about Latvia?

During the 13th century greater Livonia, which was inhabited by several Baltic and Finnish tribes, was conquered and Christianized by the Order of the Brothers of the Sword

Does Latvia have a president?

Yes, Latvia has had a president since 1922, shortly after its independence from Russia in 1918. Latvia had no president when it was part of the Soviet Union, but re-established the position of president in 1993 shortly after it re-declared independence in 1991.

Is Latvia Hot?

Latvia has a moderate climate with four distinct seasons. Average temperatures in the summer are in the high teens (mid twenties during the day) and just below freezing in the winter.

Debt of Latvia?

Latvia's current account which had been in deficit by 27% in late 2006 was surplus in 2010

How did Latvia get its name?

The name comes from Latgalians - one of the Latvian pre-christian tribes that are now part of modern Latvian nation living in Latgale region, albeit with quite strong accent (some rank it as a regional language). Other pre-christian Latvian tribes are Couronians, Semigallians and Selonians

What is the climate in Latvia?

Moderate climate, rains most of the time. Winters can get really cold by January/February. Spring lasts until June and summer starts from July through September and then its autumn and finally winter.

What lakes are in Latvia?

There are about 3000 lakes in Latvia. The deepest - Dridzis, the largest - Lubans; Ezezers, Usma, Raznas, Engures, Burtnieku.

Where does the president of Latvia live?

curlently he resides in JUrmala its near Riga, he doesnt live there all the time cuz when his presidency will end , a new president will live there for few years.his house is like 100 m away from the Baltic sea!!!!

Where is Latvia situated?

Latvia is in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by Estonia, to the south by Lithuania, to the east by the Russian Federation (276 km), and to the southeast by Belarus.

Does Latvia have mountains?

No.. Hills etc, yes. Highest point Gaizins 311 meters. More info: http://www.peakware.com/peaks.html?pk=2562 There are plenty of ski slopes in winter across country with downhill skitime less than a minute.

What are the imports for Latvia?

Latvia imports: Food and live animals Beverages and tobacco Crude materials for onward processing fuels and lubricants Animal and vegetable oils and waxes chemical and related products Machinery and transport equipment

Does Latvia have potato?

Yes. It is actually one of the most used vegetables in the latvian kitchen. Almost every meal might be served with potatoes in a traditional kitchen(maybe not the breakfast).

What is the religion of Latvia?

Half of the population are atheists but the main religion of Latvia Christianity. Orthodox is too one of the religion.

Is Latvia communist?

No. Not since 1990 or so, and even then its because the USSR (which occupied latvia) collapsed.

Who is in charge of Latvia?

I was born in Latvia,in Dobele,the head of Latvia is Valdis Zatleris now i live in United States Of America ,Los Angeles California

Is there a Walmart in Latvia?

No, there is no Walmart in Latvia. Most shops are Latvian local businesses or Scandinavian, Polish and Lithuanian.

Who was the queen of Latvia?

There has never been a monarchy in Latvia, so Latvia has never had a queen or king.

Is Latvia in USSR?

The USSR no longer exists. Latvia is an independent country. Whenit did exist, Latvia was part of the USSR.

Riga is located where in Latvia?

In the center of the country. The city lies on the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of the river Daugava .

How many states are there in Latvia?

There are no states in Latvia . We have only 4 regions ( novadi ) whitch are Zemgale , Kurzeme , Latgale , Vidzeme . But its similar to states in some way .

Who are the leaders of Latvia?

President - Andris Bērziņš (Union of Greens & Farmers) Prime-minister - Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) Speaker of the Parliament (Saeima) - Solvita Āboltiņa (Unity)

What animals live in Latvia?

As Latvia is very forested country there are many wild animals around. Most popular are wild-pigs, beavers, deer, foxes and other typical northern forest animals.

Is Latvia a desert?

No. Latvia is a country in Europe . It is one of the Blatic States , located at the Baltic sea.

Who was the dictator of Latvia?

Latvia (being independent) has had only one dictator. His name is Karlis Ulmanis. After that, being affected by war, Latvia has been in both - Russia's and Germany's jurisdiction.

Does Lady Gaga have concerts in Latvia?

Lady Gaga does not have a concert in Latvia scheduled between April and August of 2012. For her scheduled concerts, see the Related Link.

What is the lifestyle of Latvia?

The Lifestyle of Latvia (Latvija) is very laid back and civilised. They aren't the first people to smile either!

Is Latvia an LEDC?

No. Latvia is not an LEDC. All LEDCs are located in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (plus Afghanistan) and are considered the worse-off countries in the world. Latvia is located in northeastern Europe and is a member of the European Union. it' s GDP per capita on average is 20 times higher than ( Full Answer )

Is Latvia in the Balkans?

No. Latvia is one of the Baltic states. They are in the northeastof Europe. The Balkans are in the southeast of Europe.

Where about is Latvia in the world?

Latvia is one of the Baltic nations, close to the Russian border along with Lithuania, Estonia, Poland as its neighbors.

Who was the President of Latvia in 2010?

Valdis Zatlers was the President of Latvia in 2010. Originally an orthopedic surgeon, Zatlers entered politics in 1988. He became the 7th President of Latvia on 2007 July 8, serving until 2011 July 7.

Who was the President of Latvia in 2009?

Valdis Zatlers was the President of Latvia in 2009. Originally an orthopedic surgeon, Zatlers entered politics in 1988. He became the 7th President of Latvia on 2007 July 8, serving until 2011 July 7.

Who was the President of Latvia in 2008?

Valdis Zatlers was the President of Latvia in 2008. Originally an orthopedic surgeon, Zatlers entered politics in 1988. He became the 7th President of Latvia on 2007 July 8, serving until 2011 July 7.

What did Latvia invent?

1. Wind tunnel, you know, where you can "fly" 2. That mini camera "minox" 3. They invented medicine for heart and for early breast cancer 4. JZ microphones 5. And some say that Levi Strauss is from Latvia

When is summer in Latvia?

Latvia, being in the northern hemisphere, has summer from June to August, as in the US, Canada, and the rest of Europe.

Do Latvia have rainforests?

No, we have only trees like pine trees, oak, linden trees and many others. So, no rainforests

What is the capital of Latvia is?

Riga is the capital and the largestcity of Latvia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.Riga lies on the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of the Daugavariver.