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Mahamadou Issoufou is the President of Niger. He won a presidential run-off election against Seyni Oumarou on 2011 March 12 by 57.95% to 42.05%. Issoufou was officially sworn in on 2011 April 7.

Issoufou was previously the Prime Minister of Niger from 1993 April 17 to 1994 September 28, when he resigned. He ran for President in 1996, placing fourth, and again in 1999 and 2004, both times placing second to Mamdou Tandja.

As Tandja's second term was coming to an end, a constitutional amendment allowing the president to serve more than 2 terms was proposed, and passed in a heavily boycotted national referendum. This led to a military coup d'état on 2010 February 18, where Mamadou Tandja was deposed. Leadership of the country was turned over to Salou Djibo, Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy of Niger. Issoufou would finally become President after winning the elections held in 2011.
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What is Niger famous for?

Niger is one of the hottest countries in the world. It contains theSahara desert and the Niger River. It is famous for their saltcaravans.

Where is the Niger River?

It begins in southeastern Guinea and runs through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and through Nigeria emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at the Niger Delta.

Where is Niger?

Niger is a western, landlocked, African country. It borders Nigeriaand Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, Algeriaand Libya to the north and Chad to the east.

What does the Nile and Niger Rivers have in common?

There are numerous ways to compare rivers - by their differences, by their similarities and some of the criteria would be - length, discharge, size, sources, mouth, basin, tributaries, area through which they flow etc.. The links below will give you ample details to cover this..

Poverty in Niger?

just look at the 3 main causes of poverty and specify to that region if need be. unemployment, education and age. you can also look at the availability of resources (eg. food, access to clean water etc.) hope that helped :)

What was the positive effects of the colonization of Niger?

The positive effects of the colonization of Nigeria can beattributed to the positive impacts provided by the foreigninvestment in the economy of this country. The country saw animprovement in education, medicine, and farming. Also in roads,electricity and water supply.

What languages are spoken in Niger?

The official language is French. Others are Arabic, Buduma. Fulfulde, Hausa, Kanuri, Zarma, Songhai, Tamasheq, Tassawaq, Tebu and Gourmanchema There are a few official languages in the country of Niger. Some ofthese languages include Hausa, Fulfulde, and Kanuri. The official language of Niger is Fr ( Full Answer )

What is a Cool fact about Niger?

Niger is a country that is located in the Western part of Africa.It is nearly the size of Alaska.

Why is French spoken in Niger?

Because it was a French colony for many years. Because Niger was once part of a french colony. When it became a French colony.

Where the Niger River?

Africa. It begins in southeastern Guinea and runs through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and through Nigeria emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at the Niger Delta.

Is Nigeria the capital of Niger?

The capital city of Niger is Niamey. Nigeria is a separate country, and its capital city is Abuja.

Importance of Niger river?

The African people who live near the Niger River depend on it forsurvival. The Niger River is important for providing fish for thepeople to eat, and sell for income. The Niger River also importantto the transportation of the people and their goods.

What does Niger meen?

It means black in Latin. It is the name of a country in Africa and another country, Nigeria, gets its name from it. It is the root word of the name for the spice nigella. It is also the root of the Spanish word "negro" which means "black" also, and used to be the common word for a person of African ( Full Answer )

Who are all the Presidents of Niger?

The current President of Niger is Mahamadou Issoufou. He has beenin office since April 7, 2011. The presidential terms are 5 yearsin Niger.

How deep is the river Niger?

The Niger River in western Africa is approximately 30 meters (100feet). It is about 2,600 miles (4,200 kilometers) long.

Manmade landmarks of Niger africa?

Many of the landmarks in Nigeria are man made. Sungbo's Eredo isthe largest man made structure known to exist.

What is helleborous Niger?

I think you spelled it wrong? But if you were looking for helleborus Niger it is the scientific name for Black Hellebore

What rhymes with Niger?

Niger is a country in Western Africa and it does not rhyme with either "trigger" or "tiger". It is pronounced Nye-djer, which doesn't rhyme with anything. Of course the people who live there speak French (among other things) so they pronounce it nee-zhaire.

How big is Niger?

Niger (Republic of Niger) covers a land area of almost 1,270,000 km 2 , most of this is desert.

What is Niger River?

it is a river in Nigeria ( west Africa) it runs through 5 countries, Guinea , Mali , Niger , Benin and Nigeria it is the third longest river in Africa. its source is in guinea highlands.

What is the climate in Niger?

it is verry hot most of the tme !!!! but it is also humid most of the time, that is because it is near the Niger wiver

What are the illnesses in Niger?

the illnesses in Niger are H.I.V & aids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is not verry nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sophie you my friendddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What pyramids are in Niger?

YES INDEED THE PYRAMIDS ARE IN ZINDER IN NIGER NOT NIGERIA FOR MORE INFO CONTACT ME ASAP. ZINDER-NIGER: Détails sur la découverte d'une pyramide… . Vendredi, 09 Mars 2012 00:00 direct niger . Le 29 février 2012, le chercheur nigérien en égyptologie, Maître Souley Garb ( Full Answer )

Where did Niger get its name?

The country was named after the Niger River. The name is believed to be a shortened version of 'gher n gheren' which means River of Rivers.

What is a sand Niger?

A sand Niger is Narmeen. When people hear the phrase "sand Niger", they think to themselves "sand Niger?" What's that or that's not true, there is no such thing as sand Niger. But little do they know it is true. For instance, Narmeen is a sand Niger.

Who pays for the health care in Niger?

Most health organizations that monitor international health care have noted that Niger has a very ineffective system, and most citizens lack good coverage or good care. Niger is one of the poorest countries in Africa and as a result, it has been struggling to provide sufficient health care; one stud ( Full Answer )

What country is bigger than Niger?

By Area: Russia Canada United States China Brazil Australia India Argentina Kazakhstan Algeria Democratic Republic of the Congo Saudi Arabia Mexico Indonesia Sudan Libya Iran Mongolia Peru Chad By population: China India United States Indonesia Brazil Pakistan Nigeria Bangladesh Russia Japan Mexico ( Full Answer )

What are the death rates of the Niger people?

The average life expectancy is a frightening 47 years which places Nigeria in the 216th position in the world, whilst the death rate is one of the highest in the world at 16.56 per 1000. Both infant mortality and maternal mortality rates in Nigeria also remain among the highest.

What are the major mountains in Niger?

Adrar Tchirèlissene, Agadez. 1,892 m. 19.147 / 8.681. 2. Agareroum, Agadez. 1,881 m. 19.19 / 8.849. 3. Ti-n-Galene, Agadez. 1,819 m. 20.2 / 8.556. 4. Ifallatatene, Agadez. 1,695 m. 19.159 / 8.515. 5. Balarsès, Agadez. 1,647 m. 19.138 / 8.589. 6. I-n-Debîrene, Agadez. 1, ( Full Answer )

Is the word Niger a bad word?

To the nature of words: . First, there is no such thing as a "bad word." Words are inanimate and incapable of causing harm of themselves. How words are used is another matter. In the context of this question, it is clear the asker is inquiring after a simialr word that is commonly used in a derogat ( Full Answer )

How did the Niger river encourage trade?

It allowed people to get to places more efficiently, to be able to use boats to carry more stuff, and lessened the walk. Yup! That's the answer.

What similarities are their between France and Niger?

There are many similarities between France and Niger as Niger was a French colony. They both have French as the official language, they both have very similar government systems, and France provides the most assistance to Niger (money, military, etc.).

Where in the Bible is Niger found?

(Acts 13:1) 13 Now in Antioch there were prophets and teachers in the local congregation, Bar′na·bas as well as Sym′e·on who was called Ni′ger, and Lucius of Cy·re′ne, and Man′a·en who was educated with Herod the district ruler, and Saul.

What is the country zip code for Niger?

There is no such thing as a "country zip code." A Zip Code is apostal code used in either the United States or the Philippines,corresponding to a town or a part of a city.

Who was the Prime Minister of Niger in 2011?

Mahamadou Danda was the Prime Minister of Niger at the start of 2011.. Brigi Rafini became the Prime Minister of Niger on April 7.. Danda became the Prime Minister of Niger on 2010 February 23, and left office after the 2011 presidential election. . Rafini became the Prime Minister of Niger at ( Full Answer )

Where is Niamey Niger?

Niger is in the northern part of Africa, in between Chad and Algeria. It's captiol, Niamey, is in the south-west part of Niger.

How responding to the employee Niger comment?

Niger is a country which is located in the Western part of Africa and has a population of over seventeen million people. The capitol of Niger is Niamey and the official language of this country if French. However, there is not mention of an employee named Niger how how people are responding to said ( Full Answer )

Why as the Niger delta been damaged?

Oil spills from poorly-maintained pipelines and tankers, againstwhich poor local farmers & fishermen can do little in the faceof large foreign-owned oil corporations who provide most of thegovernment's tax revenue. It's been going on for decades and showsno sign of ending any time soon.

Whereabouts in Niger is french spoken?

French is spoken all across Niger, but primarily in larger citieslike Niamey, because that is where more educated people tend tolive.

Is English spoken in Niger?

There would be some English speakers there, but the officiallanguage is French and there are some other national languages, butthey do not include English.

Why are the niger and senegal rivers important?

The Niger and Senegal River is important to Africa because is helpsfarmers, fisherman, and herders transport their goods. It is atransportation route for Africa to reach.

What Niger facts?

named after the Niger River r 80 percent of its land areacovered by the Sahara desert. Official language :French Currency : WestAfrican CFA franc Capital : Niamey .