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In Aruba
Aruba has a King and Queen. The King is His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, the queen of Aruba is Her Majesty Queen Máxima. The King is the official Head of State.

How is the nightlife in Aruba?

Answer . The nightlife in Aruba offers a variety of possibilities: There are disco's focusing on all types of music to fit anyone's desires: Mr. Jazz (Jazz/instrumental), Mambo Jambo (Latin Music),Chaos (Alternative Rock/metal), Senor Frogs, Bahia and Tequilla focus on the mix of every type of mu ( Full Answer )

Where is there a map of Aruba?

An especially helpful map is Aruba Interactive Map. It's a 71 page interactive map available for download at one of the Aruba Tourism Authority's websites, which can be accessed by visiting the link provided below. Major attractions, beaches, cities/towns, hotels, and landmarks are described and loc ( Full Answer )

How big is Aruba?

Aruba is about 21 miles [33 kilometers] long . Its width ranges from about 2 miles [3.2 kilometers] to 8 miles [12.8 kilometers]. Its total area is 74.5 square miles [193 square kilometers]. For comparison, it's slightly larger than Washington, D.C. [68.3 square miles; 177 square kilome ( Full Answer )

What lakes are in Aruba?

Aruba is an island and does not have any lakes; as far as i know. Aruba does have a shallow lake called Bubali Plas which is close the high rise hotels

What is the currancy of Aruba?

The currency in Aruba is called the Aruban florin. However,considering Aruba is a popular tourist destination for Americans,they also usually accept USD.

Is Aruba in Mexico?

No , Aruba isn't in Mexico. Mexico is a country that's to the south of the United States of America, and to the north of the Central American country of Guatemala. Aruba is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It's off the north coast of the South American continent.

Computers in Aruba?

YES THERE IS COMPUTERS OTHERWISE I WOULDNT BE TYPING THIS!!! . gosh why does ppl think theres no computers here

What is the voltage on Aruba?

60Hz , the Same as the US The voltage in Aruba is 127 V @ 60 Hz (which makes it compatible with the US and Canada). It also uses the same plug type as in the US and Canada. source: voltageplugregion.com

Where is a brochure of Aruba?

The Aruba Tourism Authority has two sites for brochures. One, click onto the Brochure Request Form by visiting the link provided below. Two, brochures on Aruba Bonbini Adventure, Aruba Family Experience, Aruba Interactive Map, Aruba Wedding, and Water Sport Adventures may be requested at by a vi ( Full Answer )

What is Aruba known as?

Aruba is known as the Dutch House of Oranges. Aruba is known for the heat.

Does Aruba have forests?

Yes , Aruba has forests. But the Aruban forests are on a small scale befitting the island's small size. They're found in the Arikok National Park [Parke Nacional Arikok], which covers 18 percent of the island. Some of the trees in the Park include divi-divi [ Caesalpinia coriaria ] and mata di yuwan ( Full Answer )

Is Aruba an island?

Yes , Aruba is an island. It's located within the Caribbean Sea. So it's one of the Caribbean islands that also are referred to as the West Indies. It's off the northern coast of the South American continent.

What is the distance to Aruba?

Aruba is 1,132 miles [1,821 kilometers; 983 nautical miles] from Miami, Florida. Aruba's located in the southern Caribbean Sea about 17 miles [27 kilometers; 14.7 nautical miles] north of the northern coast of Venezuela. It's 524 miles [843 kilometers; 455 nautical miles] southwest of Charlotte Amal ( Full Answer )

What does Aruba manufacture?

Three of the products manufactured on Aruba are aloe vera based beauty products , Fluff , and household cleaners/detergents . Body, sun, and hair products containing 100 percent Pure Aruba Aloe Vera gel are manufactured by Aruba Aloe Balm N.V. Located in Oranjestad, they're the oldest company on ( Full Answer )

What is there to do on Aruba?

Aruba is an island with a pleasant year round climate. So there's an abundance of activities, attractions, and pastimes. There are a multiplicity of shopping centers, specialty shops, and supermarkets. Food is important. Specifically, seafood is available in abundant supplies from the waters th ( Full Answer )

Is Aruba safe?

Yes , Aruba is basically a safe country, according to the U.S. Department of State Travel Information on Aruba. No known terrorist or extremist groups are connected with Aruba. There are no known areas of instability or organized crime on Aruba. But it's noted that drug trafficking rings are thought ( Full Answer )

What is Aruba known for?

Powder fine white sand beaches with calm, clear waters are what makes Aruba famous and known worldwide. The southwest coast of Aruba is dotted with popular beaches, such as Eagle, Manchebo and Palm Beaches. Baby Beach on the southeast coast has shallow waters that are enjoyed by waders and beginnin ( Full Answer )

How hot is Aruba?

Aruba isn't 'hot' in terms of temperature even though it has 'hot' attractions for residents, tourists, and visitors. Aruba has a tropical marine climate that's attractive all year. The temperature is moderated by trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean. So it stays around 82 degrees Fahrenheit [28 deg ( Full Answer )

Is Aruba in Florida?

No , Aruba isn't in Florida. Florida is one of 50 states that make up the United States of America. Aruba is an island in the Caribbean. So it's much closer to the northern coastlines of South America than to the southern coastlines of the United States.

Does Aruba have sound?

Yes , Aruba has sound. Specifically, the sound of the ocean has an operatic range in Aruba. The ocean is calm and gentle along the west coat. Waves lap the beaches along the west shore. In contrast, dramatic displays of crashing waves pound the rocky east coast.

What are facts about Aruba?

That Aruba's climate makes the island a popular tourist destination is an interesting fact. Additional, interesting, specific facts about the climate are listed below. 1. Aruba has a pleasant year round climate. Trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean moderate the temperature. So it stays around 82 de ( Full Answer )

Does Aruba exist?

Yes , Aruba exists. It's an inhabited island within the Caribbean Sea. But its political ties are in Europe. Specifically, its status is as a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Is Aruba in Europe?

No, Aruba isn't in Europe. Europe is a continent that's to the northeast of Aruba. Aruba is an island in the Caribbean Sea. The continent to which it's nearest is South America. But Aruba's culture shows European influences. The official language of the island is Dutch. That's because it's a former ( Full Answer )

How was Aruba found?

During an exploratory expedition of the South American country of Venezuela was how Aruba was found. Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci [March 9, 1454-February 22, 1512], Alonso de Ojeda [c. 1466-1515], and Spanish cartographer Juan de la Cosa [c. 1460 1509] were recorded as discovering the ( Full Answer )

How do you telephone Aruba?

If calling to an Aruba land line telephone from the United States, dial 011-297 + Aruba personal/business phone number . For example, to dial the Aruba Tourism Authority from the United States, dial 011-297-582-3777. If calling to an Aruba cellular phone from the United States, dial 011-297-9 + A ( Full Answer )

What is Aruba made of?

Three main rock groups make up Aruba. One, igneous rocks were formed from volcanic activity that occurred about 90 to 95 million years ago. Igneous rocks on Aruba include diabase, tuffs [from Italian 'tufo'], and schists. Two, metamorphic rocks were formed from previous existing rocks that were tr ( Full Answer )

Does Aruba get hurricanes?

No , Aruba doesn't get hurricanes. It's on the southern fringes of the traditional Atlantic Caribbean hurricane belt. So islanders usually don't have to worry about hurricanes or fierce tropical storms. But in September 2007 Aruba experienced heavy rains from the occurrence of Hurricane Felix elsewh ( Full Answer )

What is 'watapana' on Aruba?

Another common name for the divi divi tree [ Caesalpinia coriaria ] is what 'watapana' is on Aruba. It's bent at a 90 degree angle that points southwest. The tree's unique shape and its compass direction are due to the trade winds that blow from the northeast across Aruba.

What is the area of Aruba?

The area of Aruba is 74.5 square miles (193 square kilometers 21 miles [33 kIlometers]

Is Aruba in Jamaica?

No , Aruba isn't in Jamaica. In fact, a distance of 591 miles [951 kilometers; 513 nautical miles] separates Jamaica's capital city at Kingston from Aruba's capital city at Oranjestad. It takes under 1.5 hours to fly from Kingston to Oranjestad. The two islands are in the Caribbean. Jamaica is an ( Full Answer )

Where is Aruba on a map?

To find Aruba on a map, look in the Caribbean near the northern coast of South America . Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean Sea about 17 miles [27 kilometers; 14.7 nautical miles] north of the northern coast of Venezuela . Aruba's geographic coordinates are 12 degrees 30 minutes North ( Full Answer )

What region is Aruba from?

Aruba is considered to be in the Caribbean region. It's in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. Because of its longstanding ties with the Netherlands, Aruba is one of the Dutch speaking islands in the Caribbean.

Are there earthquakes in Aruba?

Aruba feels the after-shocks of earthquakes in the Caribbean area, especially in Venezuela. The earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010 and the earthquake in Venezuela on January 13 were felt minimally in Aruba, according to the 'Visit Aruba Forum on Auba [sic] Rattled by Earthquake'. Fundacio Vene ( Full Answer )

Does Aruba have cities?

Yes , Aruba has cities. The city of Oranjestad is the island's capital and largest city. Second in population and size is Sint Nicolaas , which also is called San Nicholas and San Nicolas.

Does Aruba have towns?

Yes , Aruba has towns. One is Savaneta , the island's oldest town, location of Aruba's oldest surviving home, and former capital. Noord is the town where U.S. Major League Baseball pitcher Sidney Ponson [b. November 2, 1976] was born.

Does Aruba have mountains?

Yes. Exacty one. Its called the Hooiberg, and its fun to try and run up it. otherwise its a very flat island. I think when you fly over it you can see two other hills, that without any apparent foothills, shoot up into the air and plateau.

Does Aruba have villages?

Yes , Aruba has villages. One village is Piedra Plat , which is located centrally, has an average temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and caters to art and dance lovers. Another is Madiki , whose inhabitants are known for their love of soccer and the arts and for their fluency in English, French ( Full Answer )

Are there flights to Aruba?

There are daily non-stop flights to Aruba from New York, Newark, Boston, Miami and other cities in Europe and South America. The island is served by many airlines and connections can be made to anywhere in the world. Aruba's Queen Beatrix International Airport is now known as a hub in the Caribbean. ( Full Answer )

Is it humid in Aruba?

No , it is not humid in Aruba. Specifically, Aruba is in the southernmost Caribbean Sea just 17 miles (27 kilometers) off the northern South American coast. It there fore has a tropical marine climate. It also benefits from the Atlantic trade winds, which help keep the daily weather at a slightly ( Full Answer )

How is Aruba governed?

It is as a constituent but autonomous country that Aruba is governed within the European Kingdom of the Netherlands . Specifically, Aruba still is part of the mother country in the sense of certain functions. For example, the island cannot handle defense, foreign affairs and justice independent ( Full Answer )

Does Aruba have an archipelago?

Yes , Aruba has an archipelago. Specifically, an archipelago is a chain or cluster of islands. Aruba has islets immediately off its shore. For example, Renaissance Island, owned as Aruba's only private islet by Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, is a quick shuttle boat ride away Oranjestad's harbor ( Full Answer )

When will Santa be in Aruba?

Santa usually stops by on December 25, the same time when he is delivering presents on the US Eastern sea border :)

Do they have tides in Aruba?

Yes , there are tides around Aruba. Specifically, Aruba is located in the south Caribbean Sea. Marine reports give daily and extended forecast information on high and low tides. In terms of Aruba, the marine reports are made available through information collected at the fishing town of Amuay, on ( Full Answer )

Is Aruba a commonwealth?

No , Aruba is not a commonwealth. Specifically, Aruba is an island in the south Caribbean. But it is not one of the Caribbean's sovereign states. Instead, it is an autonomous but yet dependent country within the European Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Is Aruba a city?

No , Aruba is not a city. Specifically, Aruba is the name of an island in the south Caribbean. Its economy is based largely on tourism to its beautiful sandy beaches. Politically, it is not independent since it remains autonomous but dependent through its status as constituent country of the Euro ( Full Answer )

Is there shopping in Aruba?

Yes There Is Shopping In Aruba. Theres Not Alot Of It But There Is Shopping Aruba.

Is there lobster in Aruba?

Yes there are Lobsters in Aruba, it is not common but people who leave nest to catch them do get a nice amount for self use. Most of the Lobsters you find in the restaurants are not from Aruba.

Are there rainforests in Aruba?

No , Aruba does not have rainforests. Specifically, Aruba is a desert island in the sense of having an arid climate and an equally arid landscape. It does not rain enough to support lush, rainforest-style vegetation. Instead, the most common vegetation - aloe vera and cactus plants as well as div ( Full Answer )

Why is Aruba windy?

Because it is within the area of the eastern Caribbean trade winds is the reason why Aruba is described as windy. Specifically, Aruba is a beautiful, but flat island whose vegetation consists more of low-lying ground cover than of trees. The island therefore has no natural protection by which th ( Full Answer )

What continent is Aruba from?

Aruba is a small carribbean island. It's only a few miles away from Venezeula which is in the continent of South America, however Aruba is in North America.