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Who is the UN ambassador to Europe?

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Each European country has its own ambassador. You can find a list of them in the Web Link to the left.

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Who is the UN ambassador from Germany?

Peter Wittig is the current ambassador to the UN for Germany.

Who is the current US Ambassador for the UN?

The current US ambassador to the UN is Susan Rice.

What was Angelina Jolie role in UN?

She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency

Who is the US ambassador to the UN?

Susan E. Rice

Who is the ambassador of Rwanda in UN?

Eugene-Richard Gasana

Which president served as ambassador to the United Nations?

George H. W. Bush was the tenth US Ambassador to the UN.

Who is the American UN ambassador?

As of November 2009, it is Susan Rice

Who was the first woman ambassador to the UN?

vijya laxmi pandit

Who is the ambassador to the United Nations from Ireland?

Ireland's Ambassador, or permanent representative, to the United Nations in New York is David O'Donoghue. Patricia O'Brien is the ambassador to the UN in Geneva.

Is Jay-Z an ambassador in UN?

Of course not! That idiot can't be an ambassador! If he was, we'd all be doomed!! Lmao (this Is a biased answer :D)

Who was the UN ambassador under JFK?

Adlai Ewing Stevenson II

Who is the current ambassador of Nigeria to the UN?

Professor U. Joy Ogwu

What does the UN Ambassador do?

A Un Ambasador represents the country at the United Nations, and acts as the nations spokesperson for the country and its interests.

Did President Obama ever hold a seat in the UN?

No, he did not. Each country sends an ambassador to the UN, but Mr. Obama was never an ambassador. Barack Hussein Obama was the first President to take a seat in The United Nations. Typically they send an ambassador, Barack took the seat himself.

Who visited Europe and America as a cultural ambassador?

mahatma ghandhi

Which president's wife later became an ambassador to the UN?

i dont know we are looking for it

How has Angelina Jolie contributed to the world?

She is the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.

How much does a people to people student ambassador programs europe?

They start at $6000.

When and where was the un formed?

It was establish in 1945 after the end of World War 2 in New York City. Eleanor Roosevelt, was the first UN ambassador from the United States.

How many continents are in the UN?

as it happens, none!! the un is part of europe which is a continent

Who is the chief of un peace keeping forces at present?

Mr. Herve Ladsous ( Served as French Ambassador)

Was Shirley Temple working for the government?

As Shirley Temple Black she was the US ambassador to the UN. That is certainly a Government post.

Who is Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico?

He is a California born former Congressman, Secretary of Energy and UN Ambassador.

How do you say 'a country in Europe is' in french?

Un pays en Europe.

You want to become a united nations peace ambassador?

yes I want to become a un peace ambessedor in the world