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Who is the WWE world heavyweigt champ now?

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Triple H. He beat Randy Orton @ Backlash.

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Who is WWE world heavy weight champ now?

CM Punk

Who has been www world heavyweight champ?

edge is champion now but the best wwe world champ was Jeff hardy and john cena

Who is now the WWE champ?


Who is the WWE heavy weight champ now?


Who holds the WWE championship belt this 2012?

As of now C M Punk is the wwe champ

Where is Randy Orton now?

He is now signed to wwe smack down roster. he is world heavyweight champ. right Now. he is reigning his 8th championship reign.

Who is WWE world heavy weight champ now in 2010?

Kane won on the Undertaker and took the heavy weight championship in HELL IN A CELL.

How many time has the john cena won the WWE championship?

A Record 11 times. Cena holds the record for most number of WWE Title reigns in the WWE. He is also the current reigning World Heavyweight champion and is a 3 time world heavyweight champ in the WWE. He is arguably the biggest star in the WWE right now

Is Johncena can be the WWE camp but now sheamus is the WWE camp?

John cena might be chamo but wait.... Triple H Is Coming Back he wants the wwe champ

Who was the longest WWE champion?

john cena has because he has beaten Batista at wrestlemainia and he has been it for ages and ages and he is still wwe champ right now

Who is jonh cena?

2009 He was wwe champ until shemus and cena one on one T.L.C table ladders and chairs match cena went through a table so now 2010 cena is no longer wwe champ

How did WWE become WWE?

The WWF/E had to turn into the WWE due to having the same name as the world wildlife foundation. Wwe was originally the World Wrestling Federation but now is World Wrestling Entertainment. back in 1980's they where WWF now there WWE since 2003

How many times has edge been world champion?

Now he was 9 time champ but if he bets Kane at the TLC match tomerrow he will be 10 time world champ

Who is the former world champ and is now a South American World Cup Coach?

Diego Maradona

Whos better in wwe zack ryder or santino marella?

As of now Santino as he is the reigning US. Champ while Ryder holds no titles

How many belts did rey mysterio have?

well i know for a fact that he won a ecw champion long time ago, cruiserweight champ in WCW and now in WWE, he has won the Cruiserweight title, World heavy weight, and WWE tag team titles with edge and one time with batista.

When will hardy win WWE championship?

As of now, Never. Jeff is currently wrestling in TNA Wrestling and so he cannot be the WWE Champion. First of all, he has to leave TNA and join the WWE and then work his way up the ladder in order to be the WWE champ. So, until he is with TNA, the answer is Never.

Why is wwf now WWE?

because the wwf which is now world wildlife fund did wwf too so they changed it to wwe

Is WWE big show going to tna?

NO WAY! TNA is several steps below the wwe in the first place. Second of all the Big Show is a tag team champ right now with the Miz as his partner.

About rey mysterio?

rey mysterio is a spanish wrestler for the wwe. when he has tough competition he still wrestles his hardesy. well i know for a fact that he won a ecw champion long time ago, cruiserweight champ in WCW and now in WWE, he has won the Cruiserweight title, World heavy weight, and WWE tag team titles with edge and one time with batista

How do i get the wwe world heavyweight title?

Do I have to buy it now and where

Who beat john cena for the the world heavyweight championship?

First of all ,John Cena has been wwe champ six times as of 2010,3 time united states champ,and two time tag team champion with Shawn Micheals and Dave Batista, and the winner of royal rumble 2008.Now,to your question,Edge has beat cena for the world heavyweight championship twice.

When will john ccena be WWE champion?

Right now - No idea. As of now CM Punk is the WWE champ. He retained his title in the Elimination Chamber Pay per view. He is scheduled to face Chris Jericho for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. Cena has a match with the Rock at Wrestlemania. So, if at all Cena wins the title again, it will be after Wrestlemania

Why is it the WWE now?

It used to be WWF but that has turned into an animal adopting thing, so it's now WWE stands for world wresling entertainment.

What is a champ car driver salary?

The Champ Car series is now deceased.