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Who is the actor in the Cingular Sweet Melissa commercial?


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The actor is Julian Stone, who used to play Jerry Jacks on General Hospital.


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I may be wrong about this, but I think that the guy in the Cingular "Jimmy Crack Corn" commercial is named Dave Dastmalchian, a Chicago stage actor who earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Theater School at DePaul University. I was his roommate for a short period of time back in my undergrad, so if it isn't him, it sure as hell looks a lot like him.

Not sure if it's him, but it kind of looks like Adam Kaufman. he is in the ABC family movie "Hello Sister, Goodbye Life."

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The actor in the commercial is Nathan Cambridge.

His name is Danny McCarthy - a Chicago actor, and company member of Red Orchid Theater. Danny originated the role of Special Agent Danny Hale on FOX's Prison Break. He has also been seen on television in ER, What About Joan, and Early Edition. His film credits include The Company, Derailed, Fred Claus, and Proof. You can see the Cingular commercial here: Other info is on his Wikipedia page at:

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Yes it is! No. The actor stars on Melissa and Joey and his name is Nick Robinson. Check his picture out on imdb.

If you're talking about the gingerbread commercial, it's Steve Buscemi (of indie movie fame) and Norm McDonald (stand-up comedian and alumnus of Saturday Night Live). It's an ad for "Go Phone" by AT&T, formerly known as Cingular. If you mean "the more bars, in more places" series of Cingular Wireless commercials, with a single voice, it is stage and screen actor Stanley Tucci. I asked the company media group.

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