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Barry Manilow is an American singer. He is best known for his song, "Could It Be Magic."

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Barry Manilow

Who sings the song on the Cingular commercial that contains the lyrics Sweet Melissa?

The Allman Brothers Duan Allman eric clapton It is The Allman Brothers Band from the "Eat A Peach" album.... good stuff. Yes, it is the Allman Brothers on Eat a Peach, but it is Greg Allman singing, not Duane Allman. Greg Allman also sang Midnight Rider and I'm No Angel, and was once married to Cher, who had a son by him named Elijah Blue. yes it is the allman brothers. -melissa allman brothus the Allman Brothers :)

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Barry Manilow

How much is Barry Manilow worth?

Barry Manilow's estimated net worth is $70 million US.

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How much is a vinyl record of Dave Clark Five worth the album is greatest hits?

The following websites may be able to provide the value of your album:

Barry Manilow

Did Barry Manilow write one of KFC's commercial songs?

No, he didn't write one, but he did sing one, it was called "Get A Bucket Of Chicken" and was later featured on his "Barry Manilow Live" album as part of the track "A Very Strange Medley" which also featured jingles Manilow sang for other companies such as McDonald's and Dr. Pepper, and ones he wrote for products including Band Aid and State Farm.

The lyrics to the KFC commerical were:

There's barkin' in the kitchen

Yellin' in the hall

Ringin' at the door bell

Poundin' on the wall

Kids out of sight

And kids in the way

No time to cook on this hectic day

Come on, come on, come on

Get a bucket of chicken

Finger lickin' good

Have a barrel of fun

Goodbye ho-hum

Say hello to your family

Come on everyone

At Kentucky Fried Chicken

Have a barrel of fun

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Barry Manilow

Who are Barry manilow's backup singers?

Monica Pege (aka 'Lady Flash') is one of the original members of Barry's backup group from the 1970's.

Kye Brackett. Kye also worked with Barry when he was part of the "Could It Be Magic: The Barry Manilow Songbook" production at the Mercury Theatre in Chicago in 2001. Kye was also one of Barry's back up singers in the 'One Night Live!-One Last Time' Tour.

Keely Vasquez first worked with Barry when she was part of the "Could It Be Magic: The Barry Manilow Songbook" production in Chicago in 2001 and also backup sing in the 'One Night Live' tour.

The newest backup singer is Melanie Taylor, who was hired specifically for the "MANILOW: Music and Passion" show.

As of this addition (6-25-10): His back up singers are: Kye Brackett, Keely Vasquez, Melanie Nyema and Muffy Hendrix

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Barry Manilow

How much money did barry manilow make in las Vegas?

Barry Manilow

What is the real name of Barry Manilow?

Barry Alan Pincus. Manilow was his mother's maiden name.

Barry Manilow

When did barry manilow become famous?

Late in 1974, with the release of "Mandy"

Barry Manilow

Did barry manilow ever sing feelings?

According to, Barry Manilow never recorded the Morris Albert hit Feelings, though the song has been covered by such diverse artists as Aaron Neville, Shirley Bassey and The Offspring.

Barry Manilow

Why did Barry Manilow change his name?

Barry Manilow's mother re-married and had Barry's last name changed.

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Has anybody been married for 50 years?

yes there are lots of people married for over 50 years my grandparents were

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Is Rod Stewart better then Barry Manilow?

That can be a matter of opinion and the answer varies among who you ask.

Though, according to the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 50 Year Anniversary Charts, comprised of the Hot 100's first 50 years, August 1958 through July 2008:

Rod Stewart is ranked #17 All-Time Top Artist. Barry Manilow is ranked #57 All-Time Top Artist.

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What is the real name of the artist known as Plies?

Algernod Lanier Washington

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What albums did Lionel Richie release in the eighties?

1982 - Lionel Richie

1983 - Can't Slow Down

1985 - Composer Series

1986 - Dancing on the Ceiling

Barry Manilow

Is barry manilow dead?

He's in his 60's but still alive.

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Did Kedar Massenburg attend Erasmus Hall high school in Brooklyn NY?

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.find out for yourself instead of cheating and using this site.people will just lie to you anyway.

Barry Manilow

Did Barry Manilow graduate from Juilliard?


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What was Barry Sanders 40 yard time?

Quoted from an SI article:

"When the Lion contingent paid a visit to Oklahoma State, Sanders ran a 4.39 for them (he had been clocked at 4.273 by his coaches)"

Barry Manilow

Did Barry Manilow ever record the Pina Colada Song by Rupert Holmes?

yes. its on the Album: 70's Pop Number 1's

Barry Manilow

Did Barry Manilow ever work at a restaurant in Kankakee Illinois?

YES! And here is the proof: An ad that ran in the November 26, 1967, issue of the Kankakee Daily Journal. I grew up in Bradley and worked at the Journal for several years; this clipping has been in my collection for years.

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Has Hugh Hefner ever been married?

Yes, he was married twice. He announced his engagement on December 24th, 2010.

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Has Barry Manilow met Paul Mccartney?

no but Tom Jones has

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Where did Barry live in Guarding Tess?


Barry Manilow

Did barry manilow sing a song with Melissa in the lyrics?

"Could it Be Magic" used the lyrics "sweet Melissa, angel of my lifetime." Anymore, he frequently changes this to "heaven sent you, angel of my lifetime."

"You've Got a Friend," the Carol King classic he recorded with Melissa Manchester on his album, The Greatest Songs of the Seventies, also uses the name Melissa when he says, "Sweet Melissa, you just call out my name."

Barry Manilow

Is Barry Manilow better then Frank Sinatra?

personally I would say no, but obviously it is a matter of opinion.


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