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Who is the actress in the Domino's Steak Fanatic pizza commercial?

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I think her name is Bridget Mahoney, a recent Northwestern grad

Answerher name is kelly mcnair. she's also in a claritin commercial and a Las Vegas commercial, and she's in the new movie poseidon due out in may 2006. AnswerIs that the little red haired girl delivering the Pizza while the guys are watching the shopping network?
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Where can you download the Dominos 'steak fanatic' TV commercials?

Dominos cheap as Tuesday is here. 6.90 pizza..DOMINOS................At the website

Who is the actor who answers the door in the Domino's Steak Fanatic pizza commercial?

His name is Tom Kiesche.

Who is the actress in the carl's jr steak sandwich commercial?

Tamara Brown.

Who is the blonde in the subway steak melt commercial?

The Blonde actress is Melinda Sward.

Who is the actor in the Walmart steak commercial?

the actress is Wendy Kaplan from Halloween 5: the revenge of Michael Myers

Where can you find the cc steak sauce commercial?

Go to and type in cc steak sauce commercial.

Who is the voice on the domino's steak fanatic advert?

Laura Prepon (girl that played Donna in That 70's Show).

Who are the kid actors in the steak and shake penguin commercial?

The oldest kid is an actress named Tess Dinerson. I think Ryan Sliver is the little boy. I'm not sure who the younger girl is.

Who is the actor in the Taco Bell quad steak commercial?

Chris Wylde

Who is the male actor in walmart steak over commercial?

the actor's name is Earl Cheney.

What are the lyrics to the Taco Bell quad steak commercial?

From the look on Mike's face that little chick-sized steak ain't what he thought it would be. So, Mike, if you want more get a steak times four! Yes! Four times the steak! Four times the thick cuts of juicy, marinated, succulent steak! You'll say "Wow! That's like a whole hunk of cow!" What is it, Mike? "Quad Steak!" Four times the steak; Four times the steak; Four times the steak

What toppings does Dominos Pizza offer?

Domino's Pizza offer a number of topping choices. One can have pepperoni, Italian sausage, pineapple, ham and mushroom, Philly Steak, white sauce and BBQ sauce.

What is the music in the Steak N Shake Set in Stone commercial?

Miserere Mei composed by Gregorio Allegri

Who is the actor in the australian 'steak and cheese' subway commercial dressed as a tradie?

bill smith

What is the opera being sung in the Taco Bell Triple Steak commercial?

It is "Recitar! Vesti La Giubba" from the opera Pagliacci. (the part you hear in the commercial is about 1:50 in).

How do you write steak in french?

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Who is girl in blue dress in Carl's Jr commercial steak sandwich?

The answer I found was "Tamara Brown". Very attractive!

Who is the cute guy with the blond shaggy hair in the triple steak Taco Bell commercial who orders it medium rare?

your boyfriend

In 2001 what vegetarian actress with severe social anxiety filed for divorce from the gregarious steak-eating Alec Baldwin?

Kim Basinger

Who are the actors in the steak and shake penguin commercial?

Hans Holson Plays the father. He's a brilliant but yet mostly unknown comic from Chicago

What is blade lifter meat?

The top blade or lifter steak is one that comes from the chuck section of the steer or heife.Other names:Flat Iron SteakBook SteakButler SteakLifter SteakPetit SteakTop Chuck SteakBoneless, Blade SteakChuck Eye Steak

What is steak in french?


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What is the difference between rump steak and sirloin steak? nothing

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its not, its steak, hence the reason it is called country fried steak

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If the steak has lines of fat, it is called mabled steak and it is a better tasting steak than those with none.