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I think her name is Bridget Mahoney, a recent Northwestern grad

Answerher name is kelly mcnair. she's also in a claritin commercial and a Las Vegas commercial, and she's in the new movie poseidon due out in may 2006. AnswerIs that the little red haired girl delivering the Pizza while the guys are watching the shopping network?
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:39:51
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Q: Who is the actress in the Domino's Steak Fanatic pizza commercial?
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Where can you download the Dominos 'steak fanatic' TV commercials?

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Who is the actor who answers the door in the Domino's Steak Fanatic pizza commercial?

His name is Tom Kiesche.

Who is the actress in the carl's jr steak sandwich commercial?

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The Blonde actress is Melinda Sward.

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What are the lyrics to the Taco Bell quad steak commercial?

From the look on Mike's face that little chick-sized steak ain't what he thought it would be. So, Mike, if you want more get a steak times four! Yes! Four times the steak! Four times the thick cuts of juicy, marinated, succulent steak! You'll say "Wow! That's like a whole hunk of cow!" What is it, Mike? "Quad Steak!" Four times the steak; Four times the steak; Four times the steak

What toppings does Dominos Pizza offer?

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It is "Recitar! Vesti La Giubba" from the opera Pagliacci. (the part you hear in the commercial is about 1:50 in).

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