Who is the actress in the Garnier commercials recently?

The girl is Chitraganda Singh here is the Wikipedia link- http:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chitrangada_Singh.

Here is the article supporting the answer.

http:/www.zorsebol.com/parties-events/chitrangada-singh-the-face-of-garnier-age-lift-special-photos Depends what commercial you are referring to, I know that Deb D'Agostino is in the Garnier Fructis: Dustbuster Commerical:

Deb was a body double for the Bartender. When the camera changes angle to the back of the Bartender, this is Deb, you see the back of her hair and upper half.

Deb is also, in the background. There are young ladies playing pool, Deb can be seen here as well, wearing a blue colored dress.