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Jeff smith

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โˆ™ 2010-04-14 00:07:21
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Q: Who is the author of Bone?
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Who is The Dog and the Bone author?

The Dog and the Bone is one of Aesop's fables

What has the author David Bone written?

David Bone has written: 'Landfall at sunset'

What has the author Gertrude Bone written?

Gertrude Bone has written: 'Came to Oxford'

Who is the author of the Charlie Bone series?

Steve Galahad wrote the Charlie bone series

What has the author J P Bone written?

J. P. Bone has written: 'Illegals'

What has the author Martyn Bone written?

Martyn Bone has written: 'Perspectives on Barry Hannah'

What has the author J H A Bone written?

J. H. A. Bone has written: 'Stories and legends'

What has the author F D Bone written?

F. D. Bone has written: 'Pride of the regiment'

Who is the author of the Charlie Bone books?

Jenny Nimmo

Who is Jeff Smith?

Author of BONE (comic series)

Who is the author of the bone people - a book?

Jenny Nimmo

Who is the author of An Echo in the Bone?

An Echo in the Bone was written by Diana Gabaldon and is the seventh book in the Outlander series

What has the author Neil Bone written?

Neil Bone has written: 'Meteors' -- subject(s): Meteors 'Aurora'

What has the author Hugh A Bone written?

Hugh A. Bone has written: 'Political party management' 'Politics and voters'

What has the author Siddiqur Rahman written?

Siddiqur Rahman has written: 'Crushed bone industry in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Bone products, Bone-meal

What has the author Kaj Holmstrand written?

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What has the author Esther J Bone written?

Esther J. Bone has written: 'The Readers' guide to periodical literature'

What has the author J R Armstrong written?

J. R. Armstrong has written: 'Bone-grafting in the treatment of fractures' -- subject(s): Bone Fractures, Bone Transplantation, Fractures, Bone, Therapy

What has the author D M Bone written?

D M. Bone has written: 'A manual for CAPSTAN, Computer Analysis of Projects'

What has the author Stephen Bone written?

Stephen Bone has written: 'Bioelectronics' -- subject(s): Bioelectronics, Charge transfer in biology

What has the author N M Hancox written?

N. M. Hancox has written: 'Biology of bone' -- subject(s): Bone

What is the author's style in Charlie bone and the time twister?

second person.

What has the author JEFF SMITH written?

JEFF SMITH has written: 'BONE'

What has the author Gertrude Helena Dodd Bone written?

Gertrude Helena Dodd Bone has written: 'Children's children' 'Came to Oxford'

What has the author Robert Martin Bone written?

Robert Martin Bone has written: 'The Canadian northland' -- subject- s -: Economic conditions