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The best athlete is a subjective question and therefore cannot be answered. The reason for this is no two athletic events are the same (in the swimming events the answer would be easier as many top swimmers take part in many different events) - it is impossible to compare a 100m sprinter to someone that walks 50km or to a pole vaulter? However a decathlete who takes part in 10 different events (many to world class standard) over 2 days could be described as the best "all round athlete".

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Q: Who is the best athlete in the 2004 Olympics?
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Who is the best NZ athlete in the Olympics?

Dom DeLouise

Who was the best athelete during modern Olympics?

The best athlete was jim Thorpe .

Which Spanish athlete won a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens?

Gervasio Deferr

When did Best Athlete with a Disability ESPY Award end?

Best Athlete with a Disability ESPY Award ended in 2004.

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What are the qualifications to compete as an athlete in the Olympics?

be of a great athlete

Which British athlete won 2 Olympic Gold medals at the 2004 Olympics for the 800m and 1500m?

Kelly Holmes.

When was Best Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award created?

Best Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award was created in 2004.

Who do you think is the best male athlete?

Most will say, especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, that Michael Phelps is the best male athlete. He won 8 gold medals; an Olympic record.

Shortest to tallest US athlete in the winter 2010 Olympics?

shortest and the tallest USA athlete in the 2010 winter Olympics

What was the smallest team competing in the 2004 Olympics?

Brunei sent one athlete to the 2004 Olympics, a 1500 meter runner named Jimmy Anak Ahar who finished 13th in his heat and did not advance. Liechenstein sent one athlete, in 10 meter air rifle competition named Oliver Geissmann, who finished 22nd.

American athlete Tim Duncan competed in which sport at the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Tim Duncan was starting center for the U.S. team in the 2004 Olympics where he averaged 12.9 points, 9.1 rebounds and 1.25 blocks in eight games.

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Who was the most outstanding athlete in the 1936 Olympics?

The most outstanding athlete in the 1936 Olympics was Jesse Owens , with four gold medals.

Who won the most gold medals in Athens Olympics?

At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens:Athlete: Swimmer Michael Phelps of the United States with 6.Country: United States with 36.

What is an athelete in the Olympics called?

An Olympic athlete or Olympian competes in the Olympics.

How early does an athlete need to arrive at the Olympics for training?

The athlete has to arrive at least 10 months in advance. that gives them enough time to train and be the best in the Olympic games.

What athlete won the most medals at the 2004 Olympics?

Swimmer Michael Phelps of the United States with 8 (6 gold and 2 bronze).

Which athlete competed in the 400 meter race that is competing in the para-olympics?

The athlete who competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics, who is also competing at the Paralympics, is Oscar Pistorius of South Africa.

Who won the ESPY Award for Best Male Athlete in 2004?

The cyclist, Lance Armstrong.

Why does Kobe Bryant wear number 10 in Olympics?

in honor of his the best athlete he has ever seen...lionel messi

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