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Geddy lee is the best bassist in the universe listen to yyz or la villa strangiato

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Q: Who is the best bass player in world?
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Who is the best bass player in the world?

Lewis moon is the best bass player in the world!!!!!!!!

Who is the best bass player alive?

AnswerThere are many opinions on who the best bass player is, but Jimmy Blanton was ranked the best bass player.

Who is the world's best bass guitar player in your opinion?

Victor Wooten

Who is the worlds best bass player?

I don't think there is a world's best bass player. Mick Karn's really good and so are the ones in Black Sabbath and The Beatles and bands like that. I play bass in a band. Three of us are 12 and one is 13.

Who is Mike D'Antonio?

Mike D'Antonio is the bass player for Killswitch Engage, a Metalcore band. The best band in the world

Who is the bass player of Green Day?

Mike Dirnt is the bass player for Green Day. The best person in Green Day.

Who is the best bass player in the badger kingdom?

Lewis moon

Who is the best bass guitar player ever?

The "best" bass guitar player is an opinion, as different players have different styles, different strengths, and different weaknesses. Two of the best electric bass players ever are Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten.

Who is the greatest electric bass guitar player?

A wise bass guru once told me, "There is no one 'Greatest Bass Player' and it is impossible to achive. Instead, set your sights lower, like, being the best bass player in the building... or the room...

Who is the best bass player ever?

cliff Burton RIP Cliff

Who is the best bass player of all time?

Cliff Burton R.I.P

Who is the best drum and bass dj in the world?

Andy c

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