Defense of the Ancients

Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is an action real-time strategy mod for the video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for StarCraft. The objective of the scenario is for each team to destroy the opponents' Ancients, heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map. Players use powerful units known as heroes, and are assisted by allied heroes and AI-controlled fighters. As in role-playing games, players level up their heroes and use gold to buy equipment during the mission

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Defense of the Ancients

What does DotA means?

Defense of the Ancients

Defense of the Ancients

Why do you need intelligence on DotA?

Intelligence will give you damage, mana regeneration and a larger total mana pool if you are an Intelligence hero.

Defense of the Ancients

How do you change old dota items to new dota items?

the change of new dota item is download dota 2 and then copy paste the map of dota 2 to dota warcraft III and see is change try it :))

Defense of the Ancients

How you can get dota games?

To play DotA one must simply own the game Warcraft 3 and the Frozen throne expansion. The user must open a battlenet account (ingame) and download the DotA map.

Maps can be downloaded from

After downloading the map be sure to move the file into the Warcraft 3 maps folder. Do this by double-clicking "my computer" and navigating to the proper folder and then dragging the file in.

Defense of the Ancients

What is the difference between dota and dota 2?

The graphics are very different, more dynamic and appealing to the eye, after having been remade by Valve. The heroes are similar but again, in a new graphical style. Some old game mechanics remain in Dota 2 such e.g stacking. You'll understand far more, better than I can ever tell you, by getting the game on Steam. Do the survey, trade for an invite or pay thirty bucks for the game along with some bonus cosmetic items for several heroes.

Defense of the Ancients

What is a nuker in dota?

In DotA, a nuker is a hero with one or more spells that do heavy spell damage (mostly magical but some can be physical also). Generally one with spell (s) that do 250+ damage or so directly by using a spell is called a nuker.

Examples:- Zeus/ Lina Inverse/ Demon Witch (aka Lion) / Death prophet (though she is more known for her silence and her ultimate which does wonders while pushing.)

Basically, anyone with high burst damage is considered a nuker.

Defense of the Ancients

What is the effect of dota on student?

Playing this game also triggers the player to lose his/her temper and values. Why? It simply because of the different languages used during the game or what we called "Trash talks". Trash talks such as foul languages can really lose their temper and values. As a result, the both sides will fight against each other.

Gamble is also present in this game, the highest bet is 5,000 pesos and the lowest is 300 pesos. Again, money for them is not that important anymore. Many players says that "Dota is the best past time ever," so it's OK for them to waste their money.

Due to playing, eating is irrelevant; the satisfaction they get from playing is the same as the satisfaction they get from eating. As a result, the body's immune systems are getting weaker and now expose the different viruses and diseases.

All in all, Dota really affects the life style of the youth who are in to this game, although it has one good benefit, but it corrupts the mind and the way the youth think. It also weakened the body system, money and moral values were not given importance because of this game.

There are many students and even some young professional are addicted to Defense of the Ancients or DotA. This is a kind of computer games that can be played by many players and is one of the most popular games to young students. Many students get addicted to this game and they even long hours inside the computer shop just playing this kind of game. There are studies that getting addicted in playing computer games affects their studies and this is the cause why they are lying to their parents that they need extra money for their school project but the truth is they are just using the money to rent a computer where they can play DotA with their classmates. Sometimes in order to make the game exciting, they have a deal to pay those who won the game so it becomes already a form of gambling.

When time spent on the computer, playing DotA games or cruising the internet reaches a point that it harms a child's or adult's family and social relationships, or disrupts school or work life, that person maybe caught in a cycle of addiction. Like other addictions, DotA game has replaced friends and family as the source of a person, emotional life. Increasingly, to feel good, the addicted person spends more time playing video games or searching the internet.

by: engr. hanz clarence clarin

Defense of the Ancients

Can you play dota garena Philippines from Australia?

Yes you can, but it will likely be very lag so that you will be extremelly frustrated and play in Oceania (Australia) part

Cheat Codes
Defense of the Ancients

What is the cheat in dota bleach vs one piece 2.05?


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Defense of the Ancients

How did the desire to create scientific heroes compromise the scientific standing of Alfred Russell Wallace?

talk to him. see if he notices that same thing. ask your doctor what you can do to help your son.

Defense of the Ancients

Who is the best DotA player in the world?

The best player of DotA in the world is Vigoss. He is on the top ranks!

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Defense of the Ancients

When will Maryland or Virginia host a ACC tournament game?

The 2005 ACC tournament will be held just outside of Washington DC

Defense of the Ancients

Why can't i join a game in garena in dota?

you need to pay your internet server first

Defense of the Ancients

Where to download dota 2?

There are only 2 available methods to obtain a copy of Dota 2.

1. Complete the survey by Valve and wait several weeks.

2. Buy or ask someone to give you a copy of the game from their Steam gift inventory.

try here >

Defense of the Ancients

Who Sung The Song Dota?

Basshunter did.

Defense of the Ancients

Why teenagers addicted to dota?

The friendship and camaderie they experience, the complexity of the game, and the uniqueness of each game add to its replay value. Games do not take very long either, with an average of 40 minutes per game. As DotA is mainly a teamwork based game, friends can easily be made, and appreciation and encouragement for a good move done are addictive. It also provides and escape from the world they live in.

Defense of the Ancients

Who is the best Darts player in the world?

Based on the amount of world championships won, Phil 'The Power' Taylor is the best darts player in the world having won the world championship a massive 15 times. He has remained the top player in the world for the 20 years that he has been playing professionally, winning the world title for 15 of those 20 years. Phil is a gentleman and a dedicated professional constantly working on his game to remain at the top.

Defense of the Ancients

Where do you get Dota?

ask for a free invite on reddit

Defense of the Ancients

What language is the song dota in?

Swedish is the language sung by Basshunter in DoTA.

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Defense of the Ancients

How can you get myeclipse6.0 version through download?

How can i download Myeclipse6.0 free verison?

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Defense of the Ancients

Who is the best baseball player of the world?

Defense of the Ancients

Cheat for level up dota?

You should type -test, then choose a hero. Then, type -lvlup 25 or -wtf. This works only in singleplayer.

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Defense of the Ancients

Who is the best NBA player in the world?

Michael Jordan is the best player ever. But the only player that has come as close to that in the NBA today is Kobe Bryant and later LeBron James, but so far no one has come close to Jordan.

Defense of the Ancients

Who is the best player dota of the world?

_Minks, loda or yamateh probably..

Defense of the Ancients

Who is the creator or inventor of dota?

IceFrog is the current owner, but the creator of DotA is Eul.


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