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Q: Who is the best friend parent teacher books?
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How do you decide between best friend versus parent?

If you are a parent, you cannot be your child's best friend. You parent with love but you are ultimately responsible for raising a good person.

What if your ex best friend spreads rumors about you?

Well, she isn't really your best friend anymore is she? Tell her to stop it (In a nice way) and if she continues it, you should try to not be friends with her and tell a teacher or parent about whats happening

Why books are people best friend?

I know why because we have been using them all of our child hood

Does Helen Keller have a best friend?

Her teacher, Anne Sullivan.

Who is cho Chang's best friend?

In the books, Cho's best friend is Marietta Edgecombe, but in the film, it does not say.

Who is Cho Chang's best friend?

In the books, Cho's best friend is Marietta Edgecombe, but in the film, it does not say.

Where can I find the best information about parent to young adult relationships?

Probrably the best idea is from a young adult. asking a daughter or son's friend, or books and websites could give some information :)

My best friend cheated on a test should I tell the teacher?

No one likes a tattletale no matter if your friend cheated or not. Talk to your friend and tell her how disappointed you are in her and to admit to the teacher she cheated. It is doubtful your friend will tell the teacher, but be rest assured the teacher is onto cheaters and your friend will get caught one of these days.

What if your best friend is friends with a sneaky backstabber?

tell your friend about it if she doesnt believe you tell a teacher

If your best friend gets mad at you and starts making all your mutual friends stop hanging out with you what do you do to fix it?

Well, u tell ur ex best friend 2 stop this and if she doesnt then u should talk 2 an administrator or teacher or parent or sombody.

Where do you buy Club Penguin books?

My friend buys them at best bargian books you know with Einstien on it?

Is a teacher better than a parent?

no because your mom gives you life and you need to repay her cause they want what is best for you .so no is the answer kid or parent(=

Who is the best teacher in valley?

Mrs Orchard because she has a grey haired friend.

What are the release dates for 30 Minute Meals - 2001 Parent's Best Friend 6-63?

30 Minute Meals - 2001 Parent's Best Friend 6-63 was released on: USA: 22 September 2007

What a friend should do when she is mad at her best friend?

Act mature and tell your friend that you are sorry. If you cannot bring up the nerve to tell him/her this, then wait until your friend does. If you two can't get along fine again within a week, then tell a parent, guardian or teacher about the situation. They may be able to help a lot. Good luck!

What should you do if a friend faints?

well speaking from experience of my best friend, if your friend faints (passes out) at school, find a teacher to help and while your teacher is with your friend if she says to call do to the office or go directly to the office then DO IT! DO NOT WAIT. so yeah.

Who did Aristotle say were the best competitors?

the best competitors are the people closest to you. a spouse, child, parent, sibling and/or friend

Is Alexander Hamilton a good school?

hell my best friend was assed raped there by a teacher

How do you know when your children is being mad in school?

email his teacher or ask is best friend

What are some good best friend books that you can write in for like answering questions about each other and such other than Coke or Pepsi books I need the answer soon?

Actually your best bet is online via searching best friend books or in magazines? Btw why? If you are best friends with someone you don't need a book!

How do I ask my parent if I can go to a friends house.?

Well that is a bit too over. Best to do is to invite your friend over to your house for your parent to meet him or her.

What to do when you cannot finish your homework?

Try getting help from a parent or friend. Leave the question and go to another one. Just finish it by the day it is due! I find asking is the best way, get your parent or friend to show you, not tell you the answer to the question you need help with. Move on to other homework if a friend or parent is not within reach. Try your best and good luck!

Who is Tinkerbell's best friend?

Tinkerbell's best friend is Rani in the Disney fairy books. In the movies 'Tinkerbell' her best friends are Terence, Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist, and Rosetta. In the movies 'Peter Pan' her best friend is Peter Pan.

How can you stop your best friend from cheating off your test paper?

Tell a teacher trust me it works!

Can a grandmother also be a god parent?

Absolutely yes, because grandmother is just a word and that doesn't mean that it just stays there! Your grandmother can also be your mother, friend, best friend, god parent and so on..