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I would say any where from 5'10-6'5 is a good height and weight can range from 180-205. I'm 6'2 185 and I'm playing wide receiver. Also if you can run a 40 yd dash under a 4.8 that's perfect because if you plan on playing college they'll cut it down to a 4'3-4'6

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Taylor Dayton from Clayton WI!

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A.J Green

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Q: Who is the best high school wide receiver?
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was is Mike Rozier?

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What high school did Dallas Cowboy's wide receiver Miles Austin go to?

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What is the average height of an high school wide receiver?

6" to 6"5 145-180 lbs

What position did Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger play in high school before changing to a high school quarterback?

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Clark is a wide receiver at wayzata high school with a 4.6 second 40 he is unstoppable on the football field. He also has some of the best catching abillities in the state of minnesota

What is the best number for a wide receiver?


What position in football would be best for a 6 ft tall 150 lbs junior in high school would be im a extremely fast runner but no the best hands give a position on both offense and deffense?

Wide Receiver