Who is the best team in Madden 09?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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It is between the Chargers and the Eagles. The chargers have that amazing offense considering that have a very accurate quarter back, 2 really good wide receivers, a fast running back that actually seems like he is half man half truck, and one of the best tight ends in the league. For their defense they have a corner that can catch and if he has enough room he can take it all the way, a free safety the can hit hard, catch good, and run pretty fast, and a line backer that can catch good and usually doesn't let anything past him.. The Eagles have their beast line along with their accurate quarterback. They have a few people who can catch good, a beast full back, and a running back that is fast can slippery. They are good at 3rd down conversions and good at catching and holding on the ball even though they get hit very hard. Mainly all of the corners can catch. Their safety is fast and doesn't really let anything past him. Their d-line can get through fast and get the sack or stop the run almost every time, or at least rush the quarter back into throwing an interception. After that its just how good are the people using these teams. So if your planning on playing madden pick one of these 2 teams and you have a god chance of winning. the cowboys have a good offence tony romo is a great qb,barber is a power in the back feild and even thought to is a dick he is a good reciver.

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Nebraska Cornhuskers

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LSU has the best Defense PERIOD....

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Q: Who is the best team in Madden 09?
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