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Who is the biggest player agent in the NHL?


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Chare is by far the biggest player in the NHL

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The most famous NHL player is Wayne Gretzky, and others say it is Bobby Orr.

Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins would have to the biggest current NHL player at six-foot-nine and two hundred and sixty pounds.

in my opinion its sheldon souray

In 2013, the average weight of an NHL player was 203.7 pounds. The biggest team in the league in 2013 were the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Height: Zdeno Chara - 6'9". Weight: Dustin Byfuglien - 258 LBS.

The biggest comeback by any team in the NHL is 5 goals. This has been accomplished 127 times.

there isn't a player on the NHL logo

Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins is the current tallest National Hockey League player. He stands at 6'9, and 255 lbs.

shortest player in the nhl is Nathan gerbe 5'5

It means that he becomes an unrestricted free agent(meaning that he does not play and can be signed by any team) and the team collects his salary money.

The shortest player ever to be in the NHL would be Roy "shrimp" Worters at 5'3".

I would say Jamie Benn is the biggest steal he was drafted 129 overall and is number 8 top scorer out of the whole 2007 nhl draft,

The Best Player In the NHl today is Sidney Crosbythe best oldtimer was Wayne gretzky

The first black player in the NHL was Willie O'Ree. He played for the Boston Bruins.

To qualify for NHL pension a player must play 400 games

Donald Brashear. he will mess ANYONE up.

The best player to score with in NHL 11 is most likely Steven Stamkos.

the sortest player i the nhl is Martin St.Louis

NHL players do not get paid during the playoffs.

the first time a black player stepped on the ice for a full Nhl game was Willie O'Ree

NHL player Gordie Howe holds the record for most points in his career with 1850 points.


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