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Tom Tom is one of the most popular brands of the GPS. You will find that Alexandria Morgan, is in the Tom Tom commercial. She is helping with advertisement of the Runner Cardio with a built in heart monitor.

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Q: Who is the blonde actress in the Tom Tom GPS commercial?
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What is a tom tom GPS receiver?

A Tom Tom GPS receiver is a GPS. A GPS is an electronic map that gives you a directions to where you are going. A GPS can speak in numerous languages.

Is the tom tom one 125 GPS good?

yes the tom tom is a good gps

Is a Tom Tom gps cheaper than a Garmin gps?

"Yes, a Tom Tom GPS is significantly cheaper than a Garmin GPS. Eventhough it is cheaper does not mean that you will sacrifice quality. The Tom Tom system is just as good as Garmins."

Will a Tom Tom gps mount work for a Garmin?

Unfotunatly Tom-Tom mount was designed for a Tom-Tom Gps, which sadly means that no i will unfortunatly not work for a garmin gps. But you can get Garmin mounts for cheap prices.

What is the least expensive GPS unit?

The cheapest GPS units include some of the Tom Tom units with less features. Top recognized brands on the market include the Tom Tom GPS and the Garmin GPS units.

Which GPS is considered the best?

Finding the best GPS can be a daunting task. After much research, I have found to be that the Tom Tom is the top rated GPS.

Is Tom Felton really blonde?

Tom naturally has brown hair not blonde hair.

How do I update the maps on my Tom Tom GPS?

Install the TOM TOM software from the website and plug the TOM TOM GPS into the computer using a USB cable. Then follow the instructions given by the software.

How accurate are Tom Tom GPS systems?

There are several choices for GPS, one of which is the Tom Tom. It is the most accurate when compared to the Magellan and the Garmin, which are also reputable brands.

What are some GPS brands?

Some popular GPS brands are Monotav, Magellan, and Tom-Tom. You can find many GPS brands, with product reviews, at

What is a tom-tom?

1) a drum 2) a brand of GPS

Where is the tom tom gps receiver available?

Tom Tom GPS recievers are available at most retailers and electronic stores. It is even available on and which ables to compare and contrast the TOM TOM for your lifestyle.

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