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Q: Who is the bronhities specilist?
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Who is an otolaryngolgist?

an ear specilist

What is the term for a medical specialist?

A cardiologist is a heart specilist.

What do you call a computer repair man?

IT hardware specilist

What are the possible career in science?

chemistry entomology medicine specilist

Can you dye a brown jacket black?

no this is pretty much impossible unless you send it to a specilist !

What education do you have to have to be an army ranger EOD specilist?

Rangers and EOD are two separate things.

When walls are damaged how can you repair it?

Use sement. One brick after another or just call a specilist

What is the name of the specilist who treats epilesy?

A neurologist is the specialist who treat epilepsy. Neurologists treat disorders of the nervous system.

I am a note specilist looking for cash flow notes in kingman. Do you have any in the area ?

Please visit this link for information about

Iv been having problems having a baby and my sister is willing to carry for me how do you start doing this?

You can go to your Gp and they will refer you to a specilist or you can do it the natural way or get him to ejaculate into a clean tube then incert in to your sister.

You woke up the other day to find 2 roaches on the floor by your side of the bed on there back with their feet moving They were on the floor by the middle of the bed?

Call a specilist to get rid of them... you might have them breeding somewhere.

Where to find xylene?

It should be reasonably easy to find at your local hardware store or paint specilist. Look under the painting section for thinners and strippers. xylene or xylol is readily available at most outlets.