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Dylan Sprouse has a twin brother who is 15 minutes younger than him called Cole.

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Does Dylan sprouse have a brother?

Yes COLE SPROUSE his twin brother

Do Dylan Sprouse love Cole Sprouse for a brother?

yes he loves his brother.

Does Dylan Sprouse have an older brother?


Is Cole Sprouse American?

No, he and his brother Dylan Sprouse are both Italian.

Is Dylan Sprouse funny?

Both Dylan and his brother Cole are funny.

Who is Dylan Sprouse's brother?

Cole Sprouse

How old is Dylan Sprouse?

Dylan Sprouse is 25 years old (birthdate: August 4, 1992).He is the twin brother of Cole Sprouse.

Who is Cody Dylan Sprouse or Cole Sprouse?

Cody is Cole Sprouse and Zack is Dylan Sprouse.

What is Dylan last name?

Dylans full name is Dylan Thomas Sprouse and his brother Cole's is Cole Mitchell Sprouse.

On Facebook what Dylan Sprouse guy is real?

The real Dylan Sprouse on Facebook is "Dylan Thomas Sprouse- Pvt" and his brother is "Cole Sprouse", I'm sure of it. bye is Dylan's

Who is Cole Sprouse's twin brother?

Dylan Sprouse.

Who is Dylan Sprouse's twin brother?

Cole Sprouse

Has Cole Sprouse seen Dylan Sprouse naked?

of course he did! cole is Dylan's brother!

Does Cole Sprouse have a sister?

Cole Sprouse does not have a sister, he has a brother named Dylan Sprouse. They are twins by two minutes.

Does Dylan Sprouse share a bed room with his brother?

I think that Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse dont sleep together in one bed. but I think they are in the same room. This is my answer.

Does Dylan Sprouse bully his brother?

No, Dylan and Cole are actually very close friends.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse have a big brother?

yes they have a big brother. to prove go to youtube and type in Dylan sprouse and then you will see that he has a big brother yes! they both are twins Dylan is the elder one and is born two minutes before cole

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have any older brother or sister?

No they do not

That Dylan sprouse is dumb?

Neither Dylan or his brother Cole are dumb. They are both very smart.

What is Dylan Sprouse habbo?

dylan-sprouse and cole-sprouse

Is Cole Sprouse 175 cm tall?

Yes, Cole Sprouse is also taller than his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse.

Does Dylan and Cole Sprouse have a older sister? older brother!

Has Dylan sprouse ever got a wedgie before?

yes, by his brother

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have a little brother?

they do not have any other siblings

How old is Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse is 25 years old (birthdate: August 4, 1992).He is the twin brother of Dylan Sprouse.