Who is the cast of Kung Fu hustle?

Stephen Chow as Sing, a loser in life who aspires to join the Axe Gang.
Danny Chan as Brother Sum, leader of the Axe Gang.
Yuen Wah as the Landlord of Pig Sty Alley. He is also a master of taijiquan.
Yuen Qiu as the Landlady of Pig Sty Alley.
Bruce Leung as the Beast, a kung fu master, rumoured to be the most dangerous person alive, though his skill is disguised by his unkempt appearance.
Xing Yu as the Coolie, a kung fu specialist specialising in Twelve Kicks of the Tam School
Chiu Chi-ling as Fairy, the Tailor of Pig Sty Alley. He specialises in the art of Hung Ga Iron Fist Kung fu, and he fights with iron rings on his arms.
Dong Zhihua as Donut, a baker in Pig Sty Alley. He specialises in the Eight Trigram Staff.
Lam Chi-chung as Bone, Sing's sidekick
Eva Huang as Fong, Sing's mute love interest.
Tin Kai-Man as Brother Sum's adviser
Gar Hong-hay and Fung Hak-on as the Harpists, two killers hired by the Axe Gang. Their instrument is the guqin, or "Chinese harp".
Lam Suet and Liang Hsiao as high-ranking members of the Axe Gang
Yuen Cheung-yan as the Beggar, the man who sold Sing the Buddhist Palm manual
Feng Xiaogang as the leader of the Crocodile Gang. He is killed by the Axe Gang at the start of the film.