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Q: Who is the central Character in the last leaf?
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Description of characters of the last leaf?

description of the main character of the last leaf

What is the ending of last leaf?

the last leaf ends with the reader finding out that the leaf was actually painted on the tree, so it was kind of a placebo for keeping the main character alive. that's all i remember.

Who are The character of the last leaf?

Johnsy the main character, her best friend Sue, An elderly, frustrated artist named Behrman

What is the character sketch of sue in the story the last leaf?

The main character in the story was sue.Sue was frnd of Joanna.

What is the irony in the story the last leaf?

The irony of the last leaf is situational irony. Mr.Behrman died of something he was trying t save someone else from. The reader's as well as the character's limits have been exceeded.

What is the character of the last leaf?

The characters are Johnsy, Sue, a Doctor, Mr. Behrman and the Narrator.

Who are the main character of the last leaf by o Henry?

Johnsy, Sue and Mr. Behrman

Characters and their role in The Last Leaf by O Henry?

Johnsy, suffering from pneumonia, is a character in The Last Leaf. She watches as the leaves from a vine outside her window falls, and thinks that when the last leaf falls she will die. Sue is Johnsy's friend who stays with her and offers comfort. Behrman is Johnsy's artistic downstairs neighbor, who braves a storm to paint a leaf on the wall so that Johnsy will never see the last leaf fall.

Who is mr behrman?

Mr. Behrman is a character in "The Last Leaf," by O. Henry. Behrman is a character who is an artist but makes very little money at it.

Give the Character sketch of johnsy in story the last leaf?

she was very good girl she was a good painter

What is the character of behrman in the last leaf?

Behrman is a person who wants others to be happy. Although when for the first time sue told him about Jhonsy's fantasies about the leaf he reacted very badly but to give Jhonsy moral support which can be provided to her by preventing the last leaf from falling he risked his life and painted a picture of the last leaf on the opposite wall in the terrible cold weather. he is a down to earth person and a gem in millions.

The Significance of the Title of the Story The Last Leaf?

The title of The Last Leaf is significant as it compares the falling of the last leaf to death. Johnsy, who suffered from pneumonia, felt that when the last leaf fell, she would die. Her neighbor, and artist, was determined to keep the last leaf intact on the tree. He braved a storm to paint the last leaf on a wall, making Johnsy believe that the leaf had not fallen. He contracted pneumonia in doing so, and died when the last leaf fell.

Short summary of the last leaf?

What is the significance of the title the last leaf? What does the leaf symbolise?

Characters of the last leaf?

who is the characters of the last leaf

What is the character of a leaf margin?

The outside edge of a leaf

What actors and actresses appeared in Here in the Last Moment - 2012?

The cast of Here in the Last Moment - 2012 includes: Chelsea Mead as Central Character

The summary of The Last Leaf by O Henry?

the last leaf by o henry

When was The Last Leaf created?

The Last Leaf was created in 1983.

Who is the central character in The Hobbit?

Bilbo Baggins is the central character of the Hobbit.

What is the duration of The Last Leaf?

The duration of The Last Leaf is 1440.0 seconds.

Can a narrator also be the central character?

Anyone can be the central character! There are many stories where the narrator is the central character -- most of them are written in first person point of view.

Climax of the story the last leaf?

The climax in the story the last leaf is when Mr. Behrman paint the last leaf so that Johnsay will be more hopeful and can survive from her illness. Because Johnsay believe that if the last leaf fall, she must go too.

Plot of The last leaf by O Henry?

Plot of the last leaf by o.henry

Highligths of the last leaf?

the last leaf that is being on the stage of falling down

Who sang the song The last leaf?

Cascades sang the song 'Last Leaf'.