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The characters in calabash kids are:shindo



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Q: Who is the character in the story calabash kids?
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How can you tell a main character is a main character?

Is the story about them? The main character is the one that everything happens to, the character who changes over the course of the story.

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A main character of a story is the person in the story it's about

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What are round or flat characters in a story?

a round character is a character in a story that changes his/her personality or actions as the story unfolds. a flat character is the opposite. (:

What is the major characters in a story?

The major character is the main character(s). It's usually who the story is about,or the character(s) that most appeared in the story.

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Please specify what character we are talking about, and what story you are referring to.

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The main character of a story is called the protagonist.

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A Protagonist is the main character in a story.

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The antagonist.

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A character who does not undergo any change throughout a story is considered a static or a flat character, in contrast to a dynamic character or a round character, who undergoes a change throughout the story.

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the answer to a main character is a person or living thing that is talked about mostly or has a great part in the book, ect.the main character on a story can be one person or a group of people, the main character usually leads to the introduction of the story then to the climax and the to the end. So in other words the main character in a story is a leader.well usually the main character is the one who is most mentionedThe main character in a story is the character who the story is mostly talking about. For instance there may be more than one character in a story, but one character is going to be the center of attention. One character may be telling the story about the main character but you have to really consider who has the most attention or who you have learned most about in that novel.

Which of these would give the reader the most information about a character of a story?

how the character acts in the story