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Q: Who is the characters of the wooden bowl?
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Who are the characters in the story The Maiden with the Wooden Bowl?

The characters in this story are:MaidenFarmerMistress and MasterSon of the Mistress and MasterMother and Father of the Maiden

What literary devices are used in the story the maiden with a wooden bowl?

what are the L Literary Devices used in the History of the Wooden bowl

What are the parts of magnifying?

the maiden of the wooden bowl

What is the complication of the maiden with the wooden bowl?


What is a wooden bowl make of?

A wooded bowl is made out of wood. Wood is what trees are made of. You can make a wooden bowl by cutting off some wood from a tree and carving it into the shape of a bowl. Sometimes it would be preferable to put burning embers on top of a slab of wood and let them burn a concave hole into the wood, making a wooden bowl.

What is the setting in the story of the woman with a wooden bowl?


What is the falling action in to the wooden bowl?

he give food

What actors and actresses appeared in The Wooden Bowl - 1912?

The cast of The Wooden Bowl - 1912 includes: Lottie Briscoe as Mary Dawson - the Daughter-in-Law Albert Hackett as The Grandson

What are the conflicts in The Maiden with the Wooden Bowl?

boto ang problema

Can you give me the climax of the story of the woman in the wooden bowl?


Is it safe to eat hot foods from wooden bowls?

no you cant. the wooden bowl would just burn

Who are the two characters from the Pirates of the carriaben the one with the wooden eye and his mate?

Pintel, and Ragetti (the one with the wooden eye).