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The chef that hosts Hell's Kitchen is Gordon Ramsay

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Q: Who is the chef that hosted hell's kitchen?
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WHO IS THE Female assistant chef to chef ramsey on hells kitchen?

The current female assistant in hells kitchen is Heather West the winner of Hells Kitchen Season 2MaryAnn Salcedo appeared in Seasons 1-3, Gloria Felix in Seasons 4 and 5.

What is Matt from hells kitchen season 4 doing now?

hes, a chef in new york

How many shows does chef ramsey host?

he has alot. he hosts hells kitchen, master chef, the f word, ramseys great escape, kitchen nightmares, and others in the uk.

Do kitchen staff say Yes Chef in real life like they do in Hells Kitchen and other Gordon Ramsey TV shows?

There is a very strict hierachy within a good kitchen. To answer an instruction from the Exec or Head Chef, it is standard practice and good manners to answer to answer "Yes Chef" or "Thank you Chef" or "No Chef"

How long is the Hells Kitchen process?

The Hells Kitchen process will take about an hour.

Who described Petrozza's Monte Cristo as a heart attack dipped in a stroke with a side of cardiac arrest?

Chef Jen from Hells Kitchen

What song plays of fox's new commercials for hells kitchen and master chef?

The song is Kings and Queens by 30 seconds to Mars.

Where are they now Ben from hells kitchen season 7?

Heard today on the radio that he is a chef at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH

Is hells kitchen an app?

no hells kichenis not a app

Who won the television cooking programme Hells Kitchen 2011?

bobert tilyer won hells kitchen

What happened to hells kitchen winners?

Hell's Kitchen Winners become head chef of restaurants that belong to Gordan Ramsay unless they have problems with their visa. For an example, Holli Ugalde from Season 7.

What are the past winners of hells kitchen doing now?

Danny Veltri is now the Head Chef are Vince Carter's restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL

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