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Cute Brunette in the Levitra CommercialHer name is Marie Silvia.

Deb D'Agostino has done work on Levitra Commercials she is a model from New York City. Not sure if this question relates to the commercials Deb is in.

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2010-11-22 21:04:01
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Q: Who is the cute brunette in the Levitra commercial?
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The brunette in the Sears commercial is Audrey Hepburn.

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Marie Silvia is the cute brunette in the Lexus commercial. Her stylish look and beauty that is second to none has been used to market the Lexus product.

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I know which commercial you're talking about. There are two different scenes in the commercial, and she's the first girl that appears. In the second scene, the girl is wearing a sillly knitted cap. But, I don't know the name of the first girl, the cute brunette. Anyone have an idea?

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