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Who is the famous mountain bike?


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Trek Lush 29L is the famous mountain bike. With 29-inch wheels, making it one of the first full-suspension Niners designed just for the ladies. The new model is constructed from Trek's lightweight Alpha Platinum alloy, and uses the company's proven ABP suspension that delivers 110mm of rear-wheel travel. The mid-priced bike comes in two models, but we prefer the slightly pricier $3,050 Lush SL because it comes with excellent Fox-made DRCV front and rear shocks. Both models come packed with features that are often found only on higher priced models. The cables are internally routed, they use a press-fit bottom brackets and there's even cable routing for a dropper post. The Lush 29 will come in four sizes-from 14 inches to 18.5 inches.


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A road bike is faster on the road than a mountain bike. That's all

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Mountain Bike Rally was created in 1994-11.

Mountain bike shoes are not required to be able to ride a mountain bike. You can wear any good athletic shoe. Wearing an actual mountain bike shoe is helpful however to keep your feet from slipping from the peddles on rugged terrian but it not required in any way.

The first mountain bike is build in 1966 in the United Kingdom.

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Mountain Bike Hall of Fame was created in 1988.

a triathlon bike is like a road bike, thinner then mountain bike tires..

A racing bike, a mountain bike and a BMX bike.

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Depends what laptop and what mountain bike and the deals you're getting for them.

a dirt bike has a motor mountain biking is arguably more "connected" to the trail and nature. it can also require much more excercise. a mountain bike is much lighter, and has less suspension travel dirt bikes are also more expensive, and require fuel decent dirt bike price= very good mountain bike price

A mountain bike team, yes. Absolutely.

A mountain bike is basically a bike meant to be strong enough to be ridden off road. It's overall stronger and has wider tires than other bikes.

The Dyno mountain bike with full suspension and disc brakes is called "Fierce" I had one myself. It was an amazing bike!

i think the flexibility ductility and texture and the lenght and it is strong i think that is physical properties of a mountain bike.

bikes made for riding up mountain

show someone on a mountain riding a bike

The statistics for death from mountain bike crashes are surprising. It is estimated that approximately two of every two and a half people worldwide will die of a mountain bike crash at some point in their life.

SLX bicycles are manufactured by Shimano, a well known and quality bike part manufacturer. Famous for their gearing systems, the SLX are featured in the top mountain bike brands, such as Marin.

U can buy a moutain bike at near by walmart

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