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The true father of Jesus is God, the Heavenly Father. His earthly father was Joseph, husband of Mary. The plan was hatched in Heaven after mankind sinned against God back in the Garden of Eden. With this disobedience, mankind, who was meant to be immortal, was suddenly mortal and not worthy of God's blessings. In a last-ditch effort for redemption, God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die as a payment for the sins of mankind. Jesus died so all people had the chance to choose for themselves, to serve and love our Creator and His son Jesus and live as we were always intended to, or choose earthly pleasures and follow the fallen angel, Satan. As always, the chose is ours, free will proves that we are not God's puppets. Those who choose to follow God do so out of love and gratitude, not because they have been pre-programmed to do so.

The rewards will be many, an eternity with a loving Father, His only Son, our mediator, we never have to face the Father alone. Jesus is always standing by us when we are judged either worthy or unworthy. Jesus tells us in The Bible that the only way to the Father is through the Son. So for those that don't believe or refuse to live by God's law, and ask Jesus to be their personal saviour, those will be lost forever. The bible tells us that as wonderful as Heaven is, Hell will that that horrible, beyond human comprehension.

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Q: Who is the father of Jesus Christ and Why?
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Is Zeus the father of Jesus Christ?

no Jesus's father is God

Where is Jesus Christ?

Jesus is with his Father in Heaven.

Who is the father of Jesus Christ?

God the father is the father of Jesus Christ. Joseph was married to Mary, Jesus' mother, but it wasn't his sperm that fertilised Mary's egg which was Jesus.

Who is the Jesus Christ father?


Zeus is the father of Jesus Christ?

No. YHVH is His Father.

Did Jesus Christ really have a daughter?

Jesus Christ has son and daughters. He is our father, who is in heaven.

Is Jesus Christ's mother God?

No, Jesus Christ's mother is Mary and his earthly father is Joseph. His Heavenly father is God.

What is Jesus Christ father's name?

The bible puts the earthly father of Jesus as Joseph.

Who did Jesus Christ pray to?

God his father.

Who was the father of Jesus Christ?

Jesus is the son of God. The name of the man that raised him was Joseph. God the father is the father of Jesus Christ. Joseph was married to Mary, Jesus' mother, but it wasn't his sperm that fertilised Mary's egg which was Jesus.

Did the lord made the people?

Lord Jesus' Father is Unknown. Jesus calls his Father "Father". Father (Father of Jesus Christ) made Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ invent Natural Things. Now People are natural. How can we get RBC (Red Blood Cells)?. People are really natural! Believe me! I say the truth! Now Lord made people...

Is it okay to pray to Jesus Christ?

Yes. It is OK to pray to Jesus Christ. And when you pray to his father God, you are praying to him, because he said: "I and the Father are one."

Who is the father of police organization?

our lord jesus christ

How did Jesus Christ lead by example?

Jesus lead a life of obedience to his father.

Who is the stepfather of Jesus Christ?

Jesus is not real, so nobody is the step father

Is Jesus the Christ?

Christ is the Son of God the Father, as explained in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Answer Yes he is. Christ is a title given to him by his Father.

Was Jesus Christ the Savior of all worlds?

Jesus Christ is the Savior of all our Father in Heaven's children, regardless of where they might be.

What is the father son and the holy ghost?

Father; God Son: gods son Jesus Christ holy ghost; the ghost of jesus christ..remember they will always be there to help you. :)

Is it better to pray to the creator of Jesus or Jesus?

Jesus and the Father are One....Jesus was not created. He was with the Father from all eternity. Jesus is our intercessor to the pray to the Father through Jesus.

What are 25 facts about Joseph father of Jesus Christ?

He was not Jesus biological father. He married Mary, Jesus's mother. He was a carpenter. He lived in Galilee.

Who is Jesus Christ and where did he come from?

Jesus was born in Bethleham to Mary. His father was the Lord God.

What events influenced Jesus Christ?

just God his father

Who was the father or head of the Christian church?


In the bible who was the last person Jesus Christ spoke to?

The Father

How does hamlet interpret his father's return?

He did it by the Lord Jesus Christ