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your moma

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Q: Who is the female dancer at the end of the Verizon Sean Paul commercial?
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What is the guys name on the Verizon commercial?

Paul Marcarelli

Who is the actor in the verizon commercial that is a cheerleader and he is Latino?

Paul Rodriguez

Who is the actor playing the piano in the 2011 Budweiser commercial singing Tiny Dancer?

Paul McCartney

The spokesman for Verizon?

The spokesman for Verizon is Paul Marcarelli.

When did Paul - dancer - die?

Paul - dancer - died in 1871.

When was Paul - dancer - born?

Paul - dancer - was born in 1798.

Is paul marcarelli still the Verizon guy?

Paul Marcarelli was the "Verizon Guy" starting in 2002. However, his contract with Verizon ended in 2011 on April 14.

What song is Gavin Bellour dancing to in the new Verizon Wireless commercial?

Found it! - Artist: Sean Paul, Title: Temperature, Album: Trinity Yes!

What is Paul Marcarelli's salary for the Verizon ads?

Although annual salaries have yet to be disclosed to the public, recent estimates have suggested Paul Marcarelli's salary to be $3,000-$6,000 per commercial, depending on the length of run and the regions shown.

How old is Paul Barris the dancer?


Who is the Verizon network guy with the black glasses?

paul marcarelli

Who is the guy on the Verizon Wireless commercial who states I am a network specialist with the handlebar mustache?

Update: Incorrect information given below. Paul Marcarelli does not have a handlebar mustache, and looks completely different than the gentleman asked about in the above question. Furthermore, Paul Marcarelli was not featured in the commercial that the question was referring to. His name is Paul Marcarelli here is his wiki link <---not correct answer! jude munn

Who are Cindy and Devan on the Verizon wireless commercial?

Not sure about "Devan", but "Cindy" may be Cynthia Silver, the business partner of "the Verizon Guy", Paul Marcarelli. Compare her picture (Cindy's) to the youtube video of Cynthia Silver & "the Verizon guy": IMGP0027.JPG (image) to YouTube - Colin Fitz Lives! - Paul Marcarelli, Cynthia Silver #1

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What tv commercials is Megan Paul in?

Megan Paul is in a Zyrtec commercial

Who is the actor for Ruben in the subway commercial?

Paul Somers Paul Somers

Who is the actress who plays Cindy in the Verizon commercial with Devon fear of commitment guy?

She appears to be Cynthia Silver, the business of partner of "the Verizon Guy". Paul Marcarelli. Compare: IMGP0027.JPG (image) to YouTube - Colin Fitz Lives! - Paul Marcarelli, Cynthia Silver #1

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She was named the " female Paul Revere " because she did quite the almost same thing the male Paul Revere did.

Who is the Verizon Wireless actor on their commercials and what is his salary?

His name is Paul Marcarelli. Can't find his salary.

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