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There is no patron saint of bullied children.

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How many kids get bullied?

about 9/10 kids get bullied

What is the ratio of kids that are bullied?

20% to 23% of kids are bullied.

What percent of kids get bullied?

A billion of kids get bullied each year

Who is the patron saint of adoptive kids?

The patron saints of adopted children are: St. Clotilde, St. Thomas More and St. William of Rochester.

What percent of elementary kids get bullied?

15-20 of kids are bullied in schools

How much percent of kids get bullied for their clothing?

A lot of kids get bullied for their clothing. Preps and gangsters don't really get bullied but emo kids and scene kids get bullied a lot. People call emos and scene kids names and that is a form of bullying.

Do all kids get bullied?

No not all kids get bullied but the ones who do are alot in a matter of fact.

What percentage of kids get bullied?

pretty much everyone has been bullied or will be bullied

How many kids get bullied a day?

on average 30% of kids get bullied a day, maybe more

How many kids are bullied each year in the US?

There are millions of kids that are bullied each year.

How often are kids bullied?

Kids are bullied a lot. You can stop this by becoming an up-stander. Not a by-stander who watches kids be bullied. Go to an adult or guardian or teacher and tell them what is going on!

How many kids get bullied because of their clothes?

Each year About 9,000 kids get bullied kids bully kids sometimes because they are insecure about themselves

How many kids get physically bullied a day?

how many kids get bullied every day in the united states

How many kids are bullied every day in Canada?

900 thousand kids are bullied every day in Canada.

How many kids are verbally bullied a year?

more than 8,000 kids are bullied over these passed years

Percent of kids all around the world being bullied?

10% of kids around the world are being bullied regularly

Who gets cyber bullied?

Kids that are new to games and kids that are usually scared to tell other people that they are cyber bullied.

How many kids are bullied in the world each year?

Alot of kids, it's quite sick to be honest. there are at least 25 kids that get bullied in my school everyday...

How many of those kids seek help when they are being bullied?

about only 10% not many kids say anything about getting bullied

What percentage of elementary school kids are bullied?

17% are being bullied in elementary schools

How many children are bullied each year?

thousands of kids are bullied each year

How many kids are bullied?

lots of kids are being bullied all over the world in schools probably cause of there clothes or the color of their skin also the way they look and where there from help kids from being bullied. if we work togehter we can STOP bullying.

How many kids get bullied in a year?

There's no exact data on how many kids get bullied in a year but according to a research around 180,000 kids stay home every day from school to avoid being bullied which is very sad👎

Which people get bullied?

Anyone can get bullied. Kids, teens and even adults. If you don't want to get bullied you should be kind and stand your ground.

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