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The first prophet is Adam

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Who was the first prophet to have his sayings collected in written work?

which prophet was the first toh ave his sayings colelcted in a written book

What was the name of the first prophet?

The name of the first prophet was ADAM. The first man and the first prophet....

What was the first written revelation of Islam?

The first verses of Sura Alaq were revealed to the holy Prophet-saw. The Qur'an was the first written text of Islam.

What has the author Barry Prophet written?

Barry Prophet has written: 'Version'

Who was the prophet Moses?

Moses is considered by the Jews as their first main prophet , and the leader for them from slavery to the promised land, And the first five books of the old testament are written by Moses.

Who was the first prophet for Judaism?

Avraham was the first prophet for Judaism.

Who is the first prophet in the Bible?

The first prophet in the bible is Moses.

Was Moses the first prophet?

No , first prophet is H. Adam AS .

Who was the first to recognize Muhammad as a prophet?

Khadija, prophet Muhammad first wife, was the first who recognized Muhammad as a prophet (BPUH).

Who was the first prophet of Allah?

Adam was the first prophet of Allah alhamdullilah

What is the name of the first Jewish prophet?

Moses is the first prophet in the bible.

Who is the first prophet in Islam?

The first prophet for humanity was Adam (peace be upon him). After the flood, prophet Noah can be considered the first prophet as no one was saved except those who were with him in the Ark. Thx.

Who is the first prophet on the earth?

The first Prophet was also the first human :) Adam (peace be upon him).

What is an oral prophet?

a prophet that speeks orally instead of written prophesy

What was the name of first holy prophet?

Hazrat ADAM (AS) was the first holy Prophet.

Who is a first prophet?

According to Islamic teachings, the first Prophet is Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) who is also the first mankind created by Allah (The God).

Who is the prophet who started Islam?

The prophet who started Islam is Prophet Mohammad.

What has the author Donald P Prophet written?

Donald P. Prophet has written: 'The Adair family' 'The Werffeli family'

Who is prophet Muhammads first wife?

Khdija was the first wife of prophet Mohmmad (P.B.U.H.) The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad is Khadya (Kuh-Dee-juh)

Why is prophet Mohammed called the first and last messenger?

We don't!! Prophet Muhammad is the last but not the first prophet. Peace be upon all of them.

Lamentations was written after the destruction of what city?

The book of lamentations is written by the prophet Jeremiah, also reffered to as the weeping prophet. It was written after the destruction of the city of Jericho.

Where are the Old Testaments written by Prophet Moses?

The first five books in the old testament,Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are written by Moses.

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