Who is the founder of mathematics?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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There is no founder. Some aspects of mathematics were known to the earliest human being. It is quite likely that some animal species were familiar with some concepts even before the first human being.

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Q: Who is the founder of mathematics?
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Who is the founder of vedic mathematics?

Sri Bharati Krsna

Who was the founder of ancient Roman mathematics?

there is no genenal founder of the Roman Numerals. My research tells me it was the whole Roman discover it, from Europe

What did the Greek philosopher Thales teach?

Thales taught astronomy and mathematics. Aristotle accredited him with being the founder of Science, as well as the father of Geometry.

What was Pythagoras main goal in mathematics?

it was to be the founder of the religous movment called pythagornism. Also to be one of the ten revered as a great mathematic,mystic,and scientist.Also not to be questioned by the scope of his contributions to mathimatics and natural philosophy.

What did sir isssc newton contribute to science?

Isaac Newton is the founder of modern Science based on mathematics and observation. Newton co-invented the most important tool in mathematics and science, Calculus. Newton was a pioneer in the study of light and developed the refllective telescope. Finally Newton applied science to the Universe with his Law of gravity.

What does mathematics have to do with math?

mathematics is math math is short for mathematics

What is the plural form of mathematics?

Mathematics"mathematics" is a plural noun already, the subject is Mathematics!

What is a founder in AQW?

he said what is a founder not who is a founder. A founder is a person who helped create the game

What is pure math?

Pure Mathematics is the branch of mathematics that deals only with mathematics and how it works - it is the HOW of mathematics. It is abstracted from the real world and provides the "tool box" of mathematics; it includes things like calculus. Applied mathematics is the branch of mathematics which applies the techniques of Pure Mathematics to the real world - it is the WHERE of mathematics; it includes things like mechanics. Pure Mathematics teaches you HOW to integrate, Applied mathematics teaches you WHERE to use integration.

Who is the founder of Hinduism?

There is no founder of Hinduism.

Which one is correct-she is good at mathematics or she is good in mathematics?

she is good at mathematics

I am a B.A. in Mathematics or I have a B.A. in Mathematics?

I have a B.A. in Mathematics would be correct.