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Peter Minuit was the founder of the Delaware colony, known as New Sweden. Minuit was also the 3rd Director of New Netherland.

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Who is the founder of Delaware?

Peter Minuit, founded the colony of Delaware in 1626.

Who is the founder of the colony of Delaware?

William Penn. Because Delaware was originally part of Pennsylvania

Who was Delaware's colony founder?

William Penn was one of the founders of delaware. Peter Minuit was another founder.

Famous people from the delaware colony?

William Penn was the founder of Delaware. John Dickinson was a politician, and he was also a lawyer and land owner.

What number colony was Delaware?

Delaware Colony was the second Colony formed in the Americas. Delaware was settled by Peter Minuit in 1638. Delaware Colony was rich in agricultural land.

Was the colony Delaware the 1 or 2 colony formed?

The colony of Delaware was the 2st colony formed!

When did Delaware Colony end?

Delaware Colony ended in 1776.

What are all the products of the Delaware colony?

what were the colony of Delaware products

What were Disadvantages of Delaware colony?

What were some disadvantages of delaware as a colony

When was Delaware Colony created?

Delaware Colony was created in 1664.

On what date was the colony of Delaware established?

The colony of Delaware was founded in 1638. The colony of Delaware was originally a region in the Pennsylvania province.

Is the Delaware Colony in Delaware?

Yes, it was in Delaware.

Who was the founder of the Georgia colony?

Oglethorpe was the founder of the Georgia colony.

Why did people move to the Delaware colony?

why did people move to Delaware colony

Was Delaware a royal colony?

Delaware was originally a proprietary colony , but became a royal colony in the 1700s

Who is the founder of the Connecticut Colony?

The founder of the connecticut colony is Thomas Hooker.

Who was the founder of Maryland colony?

king Charles was the founder of Maryland colony.

What is Delaware colony religion?

yes Delaware is a colony region in the middle colonies.

How did the colony Delaware get its name?

Delaware Colony got it's name because there were Delaware indians lived nearby.

What year did Delaware become a royal colony?

It didn't. why did delaware become a brithish colonywhy did delaware become a brithish colony

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