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Q: Who is the god of evil in Norse mythology?
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An important god in Norse mythology?

Norse mythology's chief god was odin.

Who is the giant the represented evil in Norse mythology?

Though considered a god, Loki was actually a giant.

Is Loki from Thor the movie evil?

Yes, he amounted to being an Evil God in Norse mythology. It is pronounced- Loke- Eye, by the way.

In Norse mythology who is the giant whp represented evil?

Loki. Though considered a god, he was actually a giant.

Who is the chief of Norse mythology?

The chief god of Norse mythology is Odin.

God of Norse mythology?

BaduhennaBaldrBeylaBiliBragiDelligrEirEostreForsetiFreyjaFreyrFriggFullaGefjunGersemiGerdrGnaHariasaHeimdallHelHermodarHilnHrethaHnossIlmrIdunnIrpaLodurrLofnLokiNannaNojordarOdinSaxnotThorTyrUllrValiVidarrVeVili(Just to name a few)

Is fenrir a greek god?

No, he is in fact a Norse god, He is the God of wolves in Norse mythology.

According to Norse mythology the god of war?

Odin is the Norse god of war.

Does ares appear in the Norse mythology?

No, Ares the Greek god of war does not appear in Norse mythology.

Who is Thor in greek mythology?

Thor was in Norse mythology, not Greek. He was the Norse god of thunder and war.

What is the god of fire in Norse Mythology?

In mythology Loki is the Norse god of fire, commony mistaken as the Norse god of Mischif thanks to Marvel comics and Son of the Mask, however he is famous for his mischevious ways.

Who were the Norse god of evil?

Technically there is no Norse god of evil as Loki is the god of lies, chaos and mischief but does not quite go as far as evil. Hel is the Norse goddess of death but again not evilness. The jotunns were described as evil but they were giants not gods.