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Who is the goddess of peace and tranquility?

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It depends on what religion you're looking at. If you're looking for the Greek/Roman goddess, it would have to be Eirênê (Her Roman name is Pax).

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Who was the Greek goddess of tranquility?

Eirene was the Greek goddess of peace and tranquility.

Who is the Roman god of peace?

Tranquillitas is the roman goddess of peace and tranquility.

How do you say peace and tranquility in Irish?

Suaimhneas: peace, tranquility; quietness, rest.Sáimhe: peacefulness, tranquility

What are the importance of peace?


What does the Goddess Alcyone stand for?

Alcyone was the goddess of The Sea, Calm, Tranquility, and the Moon.

How do you use tranquility in a sentence?

The tranquility of the garden was very peaceful. After his time in the city, he wanted some peace and tranquility.

What do waves symbolize?

peace and tranquility

Who is the greek goddess of War and Peace?

Athena is the war goddess and the peace goddess is Irene.

What is Eirene the goddess of peace weaknesses?

Eirene is the goddess of peace

What part of speech is peace?

The word peace is a noun. Peace is a state of harmony or tranquility.

Goddess of peace in greek mythology?

The goddess of peace was also one of the goddess of the seasons, these were called 'Horai'; her name was 'Irene' and she was both the goddess of peace and of spring.

How does your government insure domestic tranquility?


What candles represent?

it represents peace and tranquility

What is a noun that is a synonym for the word peace?


Who was The ancient Roman goddess of harmony or peace?

The Roman goddess of harmony is Concordia and the goddess of peace is Pax.

Define domestic tranquility?

World Peace or peace the people of the united states

Is tranquility a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'tranquility' is a common noun; a general word for a state of peace and quiet; a word for any kind of tranquility.

Who is the Greek goddess Irene?

She is the Goddess of Peace.

What is serenity?

'Serenity' refers to a feeling of tranquility and peace.

What is another word for peace?

Calm, serenity, tranquility.

What are the tourists experience after visiting maldives?

peace and tranquility

What do orchids symbolize in china?

its a symbol of peace and tranquility

Who was greek goddess of peace?

Aphrodite's the goddess of love. Love and peace are exactly alike.

How do you use domestic tranquility in a sentence?

domestic tranquility is an important part of the constitution and means to have peace and order. The man was insured domestic tranquility living in the country.

What is the name of the Greek god or goddess of peace if theres one?

The Greek goddess of Peace: Eirene; The Roman goddess of Peace: Pax From Wikipedia-they mentioned other also, check it out.

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