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Who is the highest paid CEO in South Africa?

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Edgars' Steve Ross earned just over $111,600,000 last year to make him the highest paid CEO.

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CEO annual salary in South Africa in the Mining Industry?

How much are they paid

Who is the highest paid CEO in the world?

indira nooy

Who is the highest paid black CEO in SA?

sizwe nxasana

What is the most highest paid job in America?

CEO of Microsoft

Where is kfcs CEO from?

The KFC CEO, Roger Eaton, was born in South Africa.

Who is the highest paid CEO?

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, as of April 6, 2010, is the highest paid company boss taking home $6,100,000 cash and $78,400,000 in stock and options a year.

Who is highest paid CEO?

Gregory B. Maffei is currently the highest paid at 87.1 Million dollars and he works for Liberty Media Corp.

Who are the highest paid CEO and their salary?

Mukesh Ambani Rs 44cr p.a.

According to the Corporate Watch page on the AFL CIO site which CEO's received the top 3 salaries in 2012?

The highest paid CEO in 2012 was Lawrence J. Ellison of Oracle Corp. The second highest paid CEO in 2012 was Elon Musk of Telsa Motors Inc. The third highest paid CEO of 2012 was Mario J. Gabelli of Gamco Investors Inc.

What are the usual requirements for a CEO position in South Africa?


What is the Top 10 highest paid position of coca cola company?

The top 10 highest paid executives are not listed in the business magazines, but I can tell you the CEO of Coca Cola was very well-paid: in 2012, the Coca-Cola company gave Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent a pay package worth $21.6 million.

How much money do bank CEO earns in south Africa?

6 million per annum

What is the highest paying salary in the us and what is the job?

Well. If you are talking about this then a ceo is paid the highest.CEO stands for CHEIF EXCUTIVE OFFICER.

Do corporate lawyers get more than the CEO?

Quite likely not. The CEO of any organization (except maybe that for a truly 'small business') is generally ALWAYS the highest paid person in the organization.

Which profession is the highest paid?

A CEO of a company could make up to $200,000 per year and around 10 % of the companies profits.

What nationality is gosa?

Noluthando Gosa is the CEO of Akhon Properties South Africa. She did her MBA from Brunswick University, Canada. She is a South African National.

Which two positions are the highest in a company?

The Owner is the Big Boss who employs or elects the President and/or CEO of their company.The President is the highest paid employee of a company. The CEO stands of Chief Executive Officer and is a member of a board of Directors and Chairman of the Executive Commitee.It is debatable whether a CEO or President is higher than each other though.

What is the highest paying IT job?


Who is the CEO of the company called The Creative Council situated in Sunninghill in South Africa?

Ran Neu Ner and Gil Oved

How do CEO get paid?

CEOs are paid in a mixture of salary, dividends and shares

How much does the CEO of Hollister make hourly?

The CEO is not paid hourly, they are salaried staff

Who is the highest paid employee involved with Wikianswers?

Likely the CEO of Answers, but since WikiAnswers is currently a privately held company, no salary information is available to the public.

Why would you want to be a CEO?

they get paid a lot

Who is the worst paid CEO?

warren buffet

How much is the ceo of pepsi paid?