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Q: Who is the hongest among the saints in the world?
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What are the release dates for Least Among Saints - 2012?

Least Among Saints - 2012 was released on: USA: 12 October 2012 (limited)

Are all saints French?

No, there are saints from almost every country in the world.

Who was the Israelite prophet who taught that god was loving?

Could it be the angel Moroni. Popular among the Latter Day Saints. He adorns some of the spires of the temples around the world.

What has the author Bill McLaughlin written?

Bill McLaughlin has written: 'Molaise of Arran and his place among the Celtic Saints' -- subject(s): Biography, Celtic Christian saints, Christian saints, Celtic

Where were female saints born?

Nearly every country in the world has had female saints.

Prayer for unity among churches?

John chapter 17, prayer of Jesus of intercession for the saints

What are the release dates for The Real World - 1992 Saints and Sinners?

The Real World - 1992 Saints and Sinners was released on: USA: June 2008

Why is a baby given a name at baptism?

Your baptismal name is your name among the gods/saints. The name you are given at birth is your name among friends family etc.

Who celebrates All Saints Day?

Roman Catholics and some other Christian denominations, all over the world, celebrate All Saints Day.

Who is the first American citizen to be canonized whose work among the immigrants gave the title of patron of all saints?

Saint Francis Cabrini was a sister from Italy and was sent by the pope to the United States to work among Italian immigrants.

Is All Saints Day celebrated in Luxembourg?

All Saints Day is celebrated anywhere in the world where there is a Catholic community.

What is All Saints Day in Spain?

November 1 is All Saints day in Spain and everywhere else in the World.