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The Ds ixl is made from Nintendo Company which is located in Japan.


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it was invented by Micheal J. DS.

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Henry Jones IXL was created in 1891.

IXL Historical Museum was created in 1982.

GBA, GBA SP, NINTENDO DS/i/iXL, Gamecube, PS, PS2, PS3, PSP, XBOX, XBOX 360 and the wii.

he is the inventor of nintendo and he created ds,wii and the game cube

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The address of the Ixl Historical Museum is: Po Box 192, Hermansville, MI 49847-0192

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ixlImproved Answer:-They are I and L respectively

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i was told that nintendo and sony made it i dont want to take side but i would say by its performace sony

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The inventor of the original Nintendo D.S was a Japanese man named Fusajiro Yamauchi, hope that solves all the problems:)

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