Who is the king of ithaka methology?

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he is a god that is crazy with his stuff, he used to be a smooth talker with the ladies also
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What is a king?

A male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country and people.

How can you be king?

You must seize power of a country and set up a monarchy, in which you are king.

What is the methology of planet sky?

well being an expert when it comes to mythology it is about both sky because of constalations ect. and planet because they say it inter twines with the sky

What did King Tutankhamun do when he was king?

King Tut's father had eliminated the many gods Egyptians worshiped and replaced them with a single god. When he did and Tutankhamen took power, he converted Egypt back to the familiar system.

Was King Charles I a good king?

In few was Charles was a good king because mainly he was a bad king. The king was more to blame due to his greed and arrogance. He could not efficiently handle money which is the reason why he barely had any and always tried to force Parliament to hand some over, he attempted ship money which made t ( Full Answer )

How did King David become king?

He was divinely selected to replace Saul after Saul didn't follow G-d's instructions in the war against the amalekites. The message was delivered prophet Samuel who then annointed David as the next king. However, David did not take over the kingship from Saul immediately. Saul sought to kill David s ( Full Answer )

What is methology?

Mythology refers to a collection of various beliefs and storieswhich are referred to as myths. This is the same terms used to meanthe study of myths.

Who are you The Kings?

There is no entertainment or arts group called "The Kings". However, there is an alternative band called "We the Kings". They sing Check Yes Juliet and came out with their first album in September 2008.

What was a king?

A king was a person who owned a lot of land and treasure. They usually lived in castles with many knights to defend the it and go on quests.

Who was theia in Greek methology?

Theia is the Titan goddess of heavenly light, her husband was Hyperion the Titan god of light and bore him three bright children; Helios the Sun, Eos the Dawn, and Selene the Moon.

What did king david do as king?

king david made Israel into an empire, and created the star of david. DAVID NEVER USED THE "HEXAGRAM"! His son Solomon used the Hexagram when he backslid into witchcraft. Witches stand in a pentacle and call out evil spirits out of the Hexagram. That's where the term Hex comes from. Another ( Full Answer )

Who are king David and king Solomon?

King Solomon was the ancient ruler of Israel. It was located between Egypt and Mesopotamia so it was constantly threatened by invaders. Under David and Solomon, it flourished. KING DAVID: he was a skilled general and united Israel, making it strong. KING SOLOMON: he was his son and was wise. He had ( Full Answer )

What encouraged king darius to be a king?

Seven Persian nobles deposed a king they considered to be an imposter and offered the throne to one of their number, Darius. Too good an offer to refuse.

Was King Piankhy a good king?

He was a good king, he had won many wars and had lots of money and loot to show for his battle victories.

Why was King Arthur a bad king?

I don't believe he was a bad King. His reign was full with prosperity and tranquility, it just ended in betrayal. *It depends on what work of Arthurian Legend you're referring to. In the Chretien romances, Arthur is portrayed as a "Do-Nothing-King" and is put in a negative light. For example, whe ( Full Answer )

What can kings do?

Kings can move one and only one space in any direction, and can take any opposing piece that is on that space. A king can exchange places with its own rook, as long as the rook and king have not been moved during the game. This is called "castleing" and allows a king to get out of a tight situation. ( Full Answer )

What did King Saul do as king?

Saul started of as a good king , doing things well in the eyes of the lord, but later he slipped and disobeyed God, Samuel was angry with him.In the end he says I have ran a bad race.

Who was king before king menes?

King Narmer or possibly King Scorpion. There is debate about whether these were the same person or two different people. Also there is argument on whether Narmer was the first to rule both Upper and Lower Egypt therefore wearing the double crown or pshent or possibly King Menes.

Greek methology and Greek financial crisses?

its gademn brootherhood ajenda relating to 2012 coming cycle of the solar system and also a relation with ancieent greek civilization < methology> and also see the solar system circumestances today?

Why did King John become king?

He claimed the throne based on the fact that he was closer in generations to the last king. According to laws now, his nephew Arthur of Brittany should have succeeded, since he was the son of John's older brother Geoffrey. Arthur did pose a threat, but his mother supported him and John had him mu ( Full Answer )

Was King John an unpopular king?

King John was unpopular because he lost England's lands in France. He was also known as unpopular because he charged high taxes and murdered his nephew.

Was King William a popular king?

king William was unliked by people, mainly in the north. king William started the harrying of the north, the Domesday book and built many castles. many people were scared of his cruelty and disliked him.

Was king aruthur a real king?

King Arthur probably was, but legend has twisted the tale of him to make him have a wizard consultor and a dad who fought against magic. Believe what you will.

What are methological issues in asch's study?

There are a number of methodological issues in Asch's study. For a start, there are questions over external validity. Asch performed his study with male students in America during the cold war. It has been shown that people from individualistic cultures conform less than people from collectivist cu ( Full Answer )

Was there ever a king that was born a king?

This depends on what you mean by "king". If you are referring to the Messiah, which should be a King, Jesus Christ the Savior of the World was born into his role. Your answer would therefore be, Yes. If you are referring to a Hereditary King, the answer is no. It would be a very rare situation ( Full Answer )

How did King George 3 be king?

Well when the father of a king dies the son becomes king so when his father died he became king

What was King David the king of?

King David was king of Judah, he succeeded Saul as king. He made the kingdom a mighty empire. and his son King Solomon was equally popular and famous.

Why were the kings after Solomon bad kings?

It is important to understand that the Book of Kings was written in the Kingdom of Judah during the seventh-century-BCE reign of King Josiah. They were written for a Judahite audience, not so much for an Israelite one, they were intended to foster national pride, but also national unity among the de ( Full Answer )

How was king akhenaten a bad king?

He took away all of the gods and replaced them with only one. He also changed the religion into monotheistic religion. He ordered all of the consturuction of her in history erased away from statues

Why was King John bad king?

beacause of how creul he was the taxes the lies, the church etc if you need more a great book is th e plantegnent chronicles

What is the parallel between the suitors on Ithaka and the men with Odysseus?

The suitors at Ithaka were unwise beasts, wild animas who did whatever it took to get what they wanted (penelope) and didn't succeed.Odysseus' men were wild, foolish beasts who fell for lots of trickson their journey, (just like the suitors) and didn't get what thesought so hard to get.. they didn't ( Full Answer )

What does methological mean?

"methological" is not a word in English. Assuming that you meant "mythological", it means something that does not exist but is generally accepted as possibly existing. Bigfoot is a mythological creature. So is the Loch Ness Monster. Many people believe that they exist, but it has not been proven ( Full Answer )

Is Ramayana methology?

yes. Ram = soul Bharat = Body Sita = Maya Laxman = Desire Hanuman=our Breathing Ravan =Mind Sugreev = deep breathing will open previous life Memory Urmila = Laxman wife means when our desire fullfill we get jouyful Mandvi = Bharat wife (Body) to support body we need Mandap(our bo ( Full Answer )

How did erebus play a role in greek methology?

Erebus was one of the primeval gods or "Protogenoi" of Greekmythology that were the basic components of the universe which wereemerged at creation. Erebus was the personifcation of darknesswhose dark mists enveloped the edges of the world, and filled thedeep hollows of the earth. It was Nyx that to ( Full Answer )

What are the cooking methologies?

I'll just give a few: Dry-Heat Cooking Methods . Baking - baking is fully cooking food in an oven. Just aboutanything can be baked, including breads, desserts, fish, poultry,meat and vegetables. . Roasting - although also a method of cooking food in an oven,is different than baking in that it ( Full Answer )