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Remember Miss Liberty, as in "Statue of ..." ?

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Q: Who is the lady on the front of a silver eagle coin?
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What is the Value of a 999 fine silver coin with a walking lady on the front and an eagle behind a shield on the back?

From your description the coin is a Americain Silver Eagle that is made from one ounce of 99.9% pure silver, value as of today is about $19.00

Is there a 2005 silver lady liberty?

If you mean a American Silver Eagle bullion coin dated 2005? Yes, there is.

What is the value of 1986 lady liberty silver dollar?

It's a Silver Eagle not a Lady Liberty coin no US coin is called a Liberty or Lady Liberty. The coin is made from one ounce of silver and the value is whatever the spot price of silver is at time of sale. The value now is $18.15.

What is the worth of a 999 ounce fine silver round coin with walking lady with branch and torch in hands with eagle on back with wings spread no date?

The date is on the front of the coin under the "walking Lady" regardless of that, value is about $18.00

What is a dollar silver coin worth with an eagle on the back and a lady liberty on the front that was made in 1999?

That's a one ounce silver round, so the value varies with the price of silver. As of 20 June 2012, silver is $27.90/ounce.

Picture of 1800 American silver dollar front and back and is the lady on the fronteven with the eagle pn the back?


What is a 1921 silver dollar worth with lady liberty on the front and an eagle on the back?

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What is the value of 1980 one dollar coin with a lady in front and eagle on the back?

The woman is Susan B. Anthony, and the coin is still worth one dollar.

How much is an 1984 lady liberty one troy ounce .999 fine silver coin worth?

It may not be an American Silver Eagle coin the first year they were struck was 1986 and are not Troy ounce coins

What is the Value of a 1926 Lady Liberty silver dollar with the word peace under the eagle on reverse side?

Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark ,your 1926 PEACE DOLLAR is common. Value is $17.00-$29.00 NOTE: No US coin is a Lady Liberty coin.

What is the worth of a 1985 Silver Trade Unit one troy ounce 999 fine silver liberty coin lady liberty of front and scales on back?

Liberty Bell on the front

How do you tell if a coin is a trade dollar or a Morgan?

On the front of a Trade Dollar it has Lady Liberty seated facing the left and on the back below the eagle TRADE DOLLAR. A Morgan Dollar has the head of Lady Liberty on the front.

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