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Ryan Clark is the current lead singer of Demon Hunter, and has been since their formation in 2001.

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Who sings Fading Away by Demon Hunter?

The lead singer of Demon Hunter...lolz...aka Ryan Clark

Who is the lead singer of playradioplay?

Dan Hunter

Who is Demon Hunter?

Demon Hunter is a Christian metal band.

When was Demon Hunter created?

Demon Hunter was created in 2000.

What the song from demon hunter?

If you mean what IS a song by Demon hunter then here's an answer- Collapsing [Edit] [Radio Edit]-Demon Hunter.

What is Demon Hunter in Hebrew?

Demon Hunter = tsayyad shedim (צייד שדים)Demon = shed (שד)hunter = tsayyad (צייד)a female demon hunter = tsayyedet shedim (ציידת שדים)

Why demon hunter uses a demon for them symbol?

they use the demon skull with a bullethole in the forehead because they are called demon hunter and they hunted that demon and shot it in the face.

What type of band is Demon Hunter?

Demon Hunter is a Christian metal band.

What is the name of the band that singer Marc Hunter was a part of?

Marc Hunter was the lead singer of an Australian band called Dragon. See the link below for more info.

What is the best demon hunter song ever?

The best Demon Hunter song is up to you, it's your opinion.

Is Demon Hunter a Christian band?

Yes they are Yes, Demon Hunter is a Christian Metalcore, nu metal, and alternative metal.

What are the release dates for Demon Hunter - 2012?

Demon Hunter - 2012 was released on: USA: 19 October 2012

When was Singer Hunter created?

Singer Hunter was created in 1954.

What is the anime that has a team of demon-hunters that is lead by a teenage witch with blond pig-tails?

Witch Hunter Robin, perhaps?

How old is demon hunter?

They formed in 2001.

Is Demon Hunter a awesome band?

yupp. :)

Why is Demon Hunter called that?

The band Demon Hunter got its name because it represents killing personal demons. Not necessarily going out and finding demons.

Is the world is a thorn a christian band?

the world is a thorn isn't a band, its a Demon Hunter album and yes demon hunter is a popular christian Metalcore band

How do you become a demon hunter?

"Demon hunters" really do not exist. They were made up for a good story.

Bacuarium in demon hunter?

In the cave. But Very rare

Is Bass hunter a band or a singer?

Bass hunter is a singer but he often sings with other people.

How sang for AFI on their album Sing the Sorrow?

Davey Havok is the lead singer, Jade Adam, and Hunter sang backup

Is demon hunter satanic?

If Demon Hunter's members are Christian and express their love for Christ in many of their songs then how can they be satanic?

How do you say demon hunter in Latin?

Venator daemonum is Latin for Hunter of Demons.Source:Minored in Latin

Who is the lead singer of REM?