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Isaac Bashevis Singerâ??s main character in â??Zlateh The Goatâ?? is Reuven the furrier, who is cash-strapped with Hanukkah right around the corner. Ironically, the family goat, Zlateh, has chosen this time to stop giving milk. Despite the pleas of his wife and children, Reuven resolves to sell Zlateh for meat.

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The main characters in "Zlateh the Goat" by Isaac Singer are Aaron and Zlateh. Aaron is a young boy responsible for bringing the family's goat, Zlateh, to town to be sold. Their journey takes an unexpected turn as they get caught in a snowstorm and seek shelter in a haystack.

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Q: Who is the main character in zlateh the goat by Isaac Singer?
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What point of view is Zlateh the Goat told from?

Isaac Bashevis Singerâ??s short story â??Zlateh, The Goatâ?? is told from the viewpoint of both Zlateh and Aaron, the son of Reuven, who because of financial setbacks declares that the family goat, Zlateh must be sold to the butcher. The story is told in Third Person Voice.

What us the final outcome in zlateh the goat?

They don't sell Zlateh

What is the rising action in zlateh the goat?

The rising action in Zlateh the Goat is when the protagonist's father dies. The goat is saved and the family remains successful.

What is the conflict in the story zlateh the goat?

The conflict in "Zlateh the Goat" is primarily a survival one, as the characters Reuven and Shlemiel get lost in a snowstorm and must find a way to endure the harsh winter conditions. Additionally, there is a conflict of emotions as the boys struggle with fear and uncertainty, while Zlateh faces the possibility of being slaughtered for food.

Where is the setting in zlateh the goat?

The main setting in Zlateh the Goat is in a Jewish settlement in Poland. It is set around the time of Hanukkah and shows many struggles during that time.

What actors and actresses appeared in Zlateh the Goat - 1973?

The cast of Zlateh the Goat - 1973 includes: Karel Augusta as Feyvel Ludek Kopriva as Reuven Jana Sedova as Leah

What was the resolution of the problem from zlateh the goat?

this is Kevin ,and there areno ceilings

What is the theme in ''Zlateh'' the goat?

The theme is "you never now what you have until you lose it" (laurie waz here) I miss you byron:D

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