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Augustus Jackson

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Q: Who is the man who inented ice cream?
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Who inented ice cream?

your big fat bum

How does a ice cream man keep his ice cream from melting?

ice cream man kept the ice cream in cold place.

How do you called a person who sells ice cream?

ice cream man?

When was Ice Cream Man - film - created?

Ice Cream Man - film - was created in 1995.

When was Mr. Ice Cream Man created?

Mr. Ice Cream Man was created in 1996.

What is the person name who invented ice cream?

the ice cream man!

Who is the ice cream man?

The ice cream man sells ice cream and makes money for his company. They mostly sell manky ice cream and make it overpriced like Miss J Doyle.

What is the duration of Ice Cream Man film?

The duration of Ice Cream Man - film - is 1.42 hours.

Did a black man invent ice cream?

Yes a black man did invent ice cream, Augustus Jackson also known as "The Father of Ice Cream"

What is a special name for a ice cream driver?

Ice cream man/woman.

Where can you buy a choco taco ice cream in rochester?

From the ice cream man

How much does a Ice Cream Man make?

loads and loads of ice cream

How was the ice cream cone invented?

At The World Fair a man was selling ice cream in bowls then he ran out of bowls. The man next to him was selling waffles. He rolled up one waffle and gave it to the ice cream man. He filled it with ice cream. That's how the ice cream cone was invented.

Who composed the ice cream man song?

Ice Cream Man By: Tom Waits ( Closing Time) 1973

Where is the ice cream man now?

Five blocks away.

What is a person that scoops ice cream called?

the most common name is ice cream man

What day does the ice cream man come?

The ice cream man drives through my neighborhood every day during summer.

How old do you have to be to be an ice cream man?

You have to be more then 5,00 years old to be an ice man! :)

Who can you call for an ice cream sandwich?

the ice cream man!!!!!!!! (Second Answer) Call Perry's Ice Cream or Friendly's Ice Cream. Ignore the first answer, as some people are mentally brain dead.

Do cell phones have ring tones that are like the ice cream man's ice cream truck?


Who else invented ice cream?

um well im pretty sure it was the ice cream man

What is the best ice-cream?

Candy man is great but all ice-cream are good in a diffrent way.

Who is the ice cream man from Sammy Keyes?

If I remember correctly, the ice cream man's name is Oscar. He is a blind and he turns out to be the hotel thief.

What are the ratings and certificates for Ice Cream Man - 1995?

Ice Cream Man - 1995 is rated/received certificates of: UK:15 USA:R

Is ice cream man made or natural?

Ice cream does not exist on its own in nature. It is a recipe concocted by humans, so it is man-made.